Did I mention when you brew Fairy tea/Immortality tea in a dark vessel you can ACTUALLY SEE fairy dust magic in action? Check it out!
Hello ALL! Glorious Tuesday blessings to you <3 Here's a little video journal telling about the tea truck and the journey it has been :-) I may do these from time to time so people can see the progress and get my thoughts on the project. Looking forward to having it ready for beloved :-)

Late night production work party with Steve Odell making our signature Soloist tea trays. Perfect for home, office and travel. ♡

Today is the seven year anniversary of making my first tea box for friends! Here's to seven years of making tea stuff. Giving thanks for the great honor of being a part of this tea community and for being able to practice a craft I love ♡

Here's to the next Seven years ♡ Im so excited to see what I'll be making and who I'll be collaborating with ♡

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Omar Riverstone

Finished tea box exterior