Here's the view we had from the top at Stowe today.
More banked slalom at Le Massif de Charlevoix today. April 9 2017
The banked slalom course at Le Massif de Charlevoix today.

Last Lesson of the Week in Great Snow.

I skied with Kenji again this morning. He's had a couple of days to practice and his skiing showed it. Deep fresh snow can be very challenging but it was clear he was having very little trouble and a lot of fun.

We continued to work on pressure management as well as skills & tactics in both steeps and bumps. Thanks to a stiff wind, we found some scoured steep terrain on The Practice Slope. (Don't let the name fool's st...eep) to work on shorter turns in the steeps.

That went well enough that I thought Snake Bite (one of our steepest trails) would be a good test. It's a longer trail and good test of skill and nerve. I thought it might be groomed but when we hit the short upper section we found some big deep soft bumps. The long lower section was also ungroomed so I offered Kenji the option of steep bumps or steeped groomed. He made the choice I'd have made and we dived into some wonderful big, soft, steep moguls. So much fun.

With increased skill comes increased confidence and often increased speed. That was the case today and we had time for a third run and a new approach to skiing bumps. A new option in the bumps adds versatility as well as new possibilities. We worked on the smoother but faster 'blue line' and finished our day with sweet run down Harvey's and a wrap up of the week.

I had a terrific time watching Kenji's skill and confidence grow. I'm looking forward to his next visit and some fine tuning and exploring some more advanced terrain.

After. I found my friends Tom & Arlene in the Black Bear where I had a nice Switchback.

Now..... I think a nap in my easy chair is in order.

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How about this?!

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Sugarbush Resort is with Daniel Orbaker and 2 others.

It has been an adventurous week at the snowstake with Skylar bring 43” and counting!
Shout out to IT for helping with Webcam!
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More snow overnight!

Get the latest live snow and trail report from Sugarbush Resort including current snowfall totals, trail conditions, weather and events.

I love this place!

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Steamboat Resort

A snowy day in Steamboat.

One of the most common problems I see students having is boot issues.

Ill fitting boots is very common. The most important piece of equipment you can purchase (get them first) is your ski boots. When you do, take the time to see a certified boot fitter. Don't make the mistake I and many others have made and get them from a 'wanna be' fitter. Getting fitted for boots should take at least an hour. Mine took two hours. I drove over an hour to get to someone who I knew... to be very good.

The second problem I see is when skiers don't put their boots on correctly. Here's a good video on how to do it.

Notice that he is putting on his boots INDOORS. If possible, I put my boots next to a heater for a few minutes. Warm boots are much easier to put on than cold boots.…

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Do you know the 4 basic skills used in skiing:


BERP will help you remember.

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Sugarbush Resort

Check out the latest Rumble with John Egan. The snow has only gotten deeper since filming!

Here I am making my way through Strawberry Fields. The glades were the best place to be today. Great fresh snow and few people.

We also skied Buzz Saw, Moustache, Attitude, & Upper Doc's (the best I've ever seen it.) And Pirate's Plank x2 (Thanks Jess!)

And Alley Woods! (Thanks again Jess!)


Still snowing when I left the resort nearly 2ft so far!

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We had so-o-o much snow! Here I am trailblazing in Moustache. I actually got stuck!

Sugarbush got 15" in the last 24 hours!

Get the latest live snow and trail report from Sugarbush Resort including current snowfall totals, trail conditions, weather and events.

12" of snow over night at Smuggs!

Current Weather: 20°F/-7°C. Snowing and 20 degrees summit of Sterling Forecast:Wednesday: another 3-5" snow and temps of 22-33 degrees

And the snow just keeps on coming!

Yesterday I went to the mountain for private lesson with Kenji from Ontario. He claimed to be a level 6 skier but he was being modest. He was really a level 8 skier who had learned to ski by reading ski magazine instruction articles.

He is an excellent athlete and had done pretty well. We spent the lesson on some fine tuning not likely found in a magazine article. Kenji was surprised at how big an impact some small subtle changes w...ould have on his skiing. So much so he asked me for another lesson for this morning.

Today we took advantage of great fresh snow to work on skiing ungroomed, bumps, & trees. We did a couple of small skill building activities and then took them into the bumps on Harvey's where Kenji was really happy with his new speed control skills in the bumps.

Then, we rode up to Smuggs' Alley for some steep ungroomed where we had a great opportunity to use speed control skills on a solid black diamond trail. We wrapped it all up with run through Poacher's Woods. When he exited the trees, Kenji skied up to me with a big smile and told me how much better that glade experience was.

He's asked me to meet him again on Friday for another session. He's a solid level 9 now so we are going to have a lot fun exploring the mountains.

8 inches today and another 8 expected by tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday is going to be a Fat Ski day!

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Fresh snow overnight on top of several inches the day before made for wonderful glade skiing today at Smuggs'. My friend Tom led the way starting with Weed Bag off the top of Upper Doc's on Madonna was start of the our first run. Nice fresh snow made for a nice foundation and good speed control. We exited right near the entry to Moustache (one of my favorites) so in we went. A really nice start to a terrific day.

Next we skied Buzz Saw that you access by skiing down FI...S and ducking into the access to Lower Doc's. It was my 1st time in Buzz Saw. Great conditions made for a nice introduction! Bear left if go for a road less traveled.

We headed over to Sterling for a trip down Alley Woods off the top of Smuggs Alley. I took a spill near the top as I anticipated a right turn (that should have follow a left) that didn't exist. Oops! No harm done. I reorganized and popped back up and enjoyed the rest of the journey! Nice snow is so much fun!

We continued our day by skiing glades on every run including Highlander Glades, Poacher's Woods, Pirate's Plank (especially nice) that we accessed by skiing Upper Pipeline right from the top. It was unusually edge-able today. That doesn't happen often. We also took another trip over to Madonna to give Red Fox Glades a try. Getting there was quite adventurous. The snow was good. If it wasn't so much trouble to get to, Red Fox would be a great place to be introduced to glades. When you exit Red Fox under the M1 lift, keep going and ski the lower side by staying to the right and you'll be rewarded with a very nice low angle woods.

We called it a day and went into the Black Bear for nice tasty Switchback Ale. Such a wonderful day!

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8" at Smuggs in the last 24hours. Here I go.....

I can't imagine how much courage this took.

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