Man gets chopped in Trinidad

Attendant gets attacked for warning customer about not smoking in the gas station...

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Trini Bad Behaviour

Total lawlessness as gas station worker in Elsocorro attacked by holligans who was smoking cigarettes and told to stop.

further information of how contributions can be made to Shannen's medical expenses contact Ibrahim at 307-9725, San Baldeo at 678-0950, Nizam Shah at 491-0809, Robert Boodoo at 684-5083 or Steve Lalchan at 680-9285.

By Camille Hunte

Three-year-old Shannen Luke needs your help.

She is expected to travel with her parents to Bambino Gesu Hospital, Italy, where the procedure would take place on May 3.
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Trini funny videos

Big old rapist smh

Anyone knows this guy? Apparently responsible for this tourist's injury during Carnival.

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#it's trinidad bitch

Dear fans, please share this photo so that this man can be brought to justice. He is a member of a gang of men responsible for assaulting a tourist at the Queen...'s Park Savannah on Carnival Tuesday afternoon around 3:40 while the band Legacy crossed the stage. You can clearly see him attacking the man in one of the photos, then casually walking away into the crowd in the other. The victim sustained severe head injuries and no doubt had his Carnival experience ruined.

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Charlene Robinson

It's sad to say we are no longer safe in Trinidad. Today I went to trincity mall and a man saw me in the pharmacy, he waited until I was leaving and followed me.... I headed into another store and thought he was gone but much to my surprise he was hiding behind the staircase. I ran up the stairs and he ran behind me trying to block me off and asking me for a moment of my time. I darted into a store to alert them where he hid behind the pillar looking to see when I was coming out. When he realized I was informing the sales clerk he sprinted off down the stairs.
I was scared beyond belief and all I could think about was getting far away. And as a result I did not get to notify anyone of what this man looked like in the event that he tried it with someone else. He was medium built, East Indian and had a little tummy. He looked late 30s early 40s and was wearing a light blue t-shirt. He kept saying his name was Kenny.
Please be careful and try to avoid being alone.

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Savita Bridgemohan

This happened today ppl please be very careful out there...2 ladies followed my daughter and I throughout the entire mall they kept their distance but was alwa...ys very close by...I noticed them but continue on with whatever I had to do..went to the grocery and when I came out I saw them have a couple concrete culverts outside the grocery so I put my bags down and my daughter was walking up and down the culvert when one of the lady approached me insisting I look at her (my eyes on my daughter) I told her I am listening she could talk I dont need to look at her...she ask for $40 to purchase some items in the grocery I told her I didnt have any $ sorry...she took out a piece of paper telling me this is what she want the $ to buy still insisting I look at her I told her I dont need to look at the list because I cant help meanwhile the other lady walk in front of me very close to my daughter while the other one insisting I look at her at this point I snatched my daughter and walked away...the ladies became very angry and started cursing me telling me you get away this time...THANK GOD nothing happened to my child...I am very shaken up thinkinh about the outcome if I wasnt as alert as I was...thankfully my daughter is safe...

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By Rickie Ramdass - The lawyer for accused Dale Seecharan who is charged with murdering Shannon Banfield, has asked that the State hand over Seecharan’s fingerprints and video footage connected to the case.
By Alexander Bruzual - IAM and Company employee Dale Seecharan was charged this morning with the murder of Shannon Banfield.
By Carolyn Kissoon - The friends and relatives of murdered Shannon Banfield are gathering at the San Juan Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church this morning for her final farewell.
THE second man detained by police following the death of bank employee Shannon Banfield was released Monday night. This after police sought the advice of Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard.
Alexander Bruzual—TWENTY-year-old Shannon Banfield was smothered to death.
Kim Boodram—HOPE for the safe return of missing bank employee Shannon Banfield was crushed yesterday when her body was found in the warehouse of one of her favourite stores, IAM’s on Charlotte Street.
Leah Sorias—For several days employees at the Charlotte Street branch of IAM and Company Ltd noticed a foul stench coming from the upstairs part of the warehouse but thought it was a dead rat somewhere in the building.