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Monica Sutcliffe Mandeville
· November 29, 2016
The Westerly Library is my refuge and my sanctuary. I love going to the library, and taking my dog for walks in the Wilcox park. I love this site so much I was married in the park, and requested photo...s with the library as a backdrop. I love all of the the wonderful events both at the library and the park, and make it a point to donate monthly. See More
Marta Kula
· March 2, 2017
I really like the library, especially kids Story Time. Although my 1 yo son can't focus too much yet it's great time for him to interact with other kids and I hope that with time he will enjoy the st...ories as well. The park is great but I wish there was a little playground or at least few swings for the kids. I'm new in town and I love it so far. See More
Betsy Huber Port
· July 18, 2017
I love this Park and library! I am participating in the Memoir Project - such a fun project so far. Also has a great art exhibit and auditorium space!
Jamey Lynn Black
· April 7, 2017
Friendly and helpful staff, it's the perfect place to spend some quality time... Relax with a good book or take a stroll through the park... Fantastic combination... Worth going to if you haven't been...
Jackie Law
· December 27, 2016
50+ years of the best and beautiful. Books, trees, walks, talks, with friends and family
Judy DiStasio
· August 22, 2016
What a wonderful surprise! We will visit again and I definitely want to see the inside of the beautiful library.
Lisa Pierson Mastrandrea
· May 3, 2015
Offer so many great programs. Movies in the park are a great idea. Thank you!
Don Lee Barker
· April 24, 2017
Just a hop skip an jump away, to stretch to legs.
Kristina Cassidy
· December 19, 2014
Beautiful historic building, awesome friendly staff!
Lisa Bettencourt Manor
· October 10, 2014
Just beautiful!
TBT - We are going all the way back to Saturday, February 28, 2015 and our Comedy Night Fundraiser to Support our Technology Initiative. We would like to thank everyone who supported Westerly Library & Wilcox Park during this very successful event! We will be rolling out some new and exciting technology in the coming weeks so stay tuned! Thank you to our staff members Sara and Bethany for putting together this wonderful video that played during the event.
Chinese New Year Storytime with Ling Springer and Jennifer C. Ross of Literacy Volunteers!
2017 Chick Hatching

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