Next team to Nicaragua is February 18-25 so mark your calendars and begin praying that God will once again allow us to serve Him among some of the poorest people on the planet -weston

I did not hear from Darrel last night any more about the cargo. At 1 pm yesterday he said that they were very close and that he thought it would happen. Keep praying.


if i counted right we have 39 women and 31 men. therefore the women will be downstairs in both the big and little rooms. men will be upstairs and at motel.

we will need about 10 men to stay in the motel about 3 miles from the mission house because there are not enough beds for all of the men. Let me know if you would be willing to go there. the rooms are clean, fairly new, safe and they each have a bathroom. i have stayed there. we will put 1 person per bed. there are 2 beds in each room. this will be for sat night , thursday night and friday night.

Team members remember - cool nights rain and mud are forecast for El Carmen. Darrel says to be sure and bring rain gear and boots.

Pray for our boxes to be released from customs by Friday. _Darrel says it will take a miracle.

NEWS Ann Deane had some surgery & is sore but ok. Frank & Donna had a fire in their garage last sat with lot's of damage. Philip is home from Haiti. We now have 72 team members for this Fall's team. Keep the faith

Boxes are on their way!

Philip is building houses -not hoses. I hope.

Going outside to load boxes for shipping - my it is hot. I believe God is using this weather for training for September. Actually El Carmen is supposed to be rather cool. BRING IT ON!

Philip Smith is working with Franklin Graham in Haiti this week helping build hoses for homeless. keep him in your prayers

Pray for Will he is in Nicaragua and coming home this weekend.

We all do Juan. Our team got to big for SanFrancisco Jerry and they asked us to go to El Carmen instead. A smalller team is going to Sn Francisco.

El Carmen is in the northern mountains about 1 hour past la estrella. It will get pretty chilly at night and will likely rain some.

Marilyn Hester (Rhodes much better half - he married above hisself) is back from Honduras after a great week with Kelly & Trish.

Wanna build a church? Darrel Johnson says they really need one in El Carmen - cost a mere $20,000 lock & key! This may be our next construction project. Satan ain't gonna like it. We need a challenge. A village needs a church. Jesus will be lifted up. What about it- are you in?

Boxes will be shipped this Saturday for our Sept. team. Everything looking good. We hae 71 team members.