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I'm taking a short break from What Really Happened. I know, the website says that it would start up again in November (I should really update that...). I'm currently working on another project. At some point in the next month or two (or three), I'll return to it with fresh vigor.


Revisions and rewrites under way.

Due to revision plans, I will put the story on hold until NOVEMBER. At some point in that month, I will resume regular weekly postings. With revised entries! Woo!

Holding off on the next entry for a day. It's been a crazy week and it's just not ready.

#24: The aftermath of Zac asking Hannah out falls upon the group of friends like a cloud of radioactive dust... as they enjoy some ice cream. Be sure to check back next Friday for the big Entry #25!

"You know," Ted casually observed, "if a bird pooped on your ice cream, you wouldn't know until it was too late."

Entry #23: Zac finally asks Hannah out. But what is her response?! Find out! And be sure to follow What Really Happened on Twitter! (@whtrllyhppnd)

"I like your..." My eyes darted to parts of her body below her neckline and I remembered Ted's advice. "Your eyes."

#22 - Ted, with his infinite wisdom, gives Zac some advice about asking girls out.

“Dude!” Jake cried, no doubt feeling a sense of relief. “You want to boink Hannah?”

What are your favorite memories of high school?

#21 - Mery voices her concern about Zac's infatuation with Hannah. Meanwhile, they find a certain someone in the pool house...

His bare, barren chest drew my gaze like a derailed train. His was clean, ridged with muscle, and dark. I could have sworn he was wrangling up cowpies on the Malof family farm for the summer, not pulling towel boy duty at Greystone Park’s pool.

Entry #20 - Zac interrogates Mery about Hannah. And there is a bobblehead.

“Use your imagination.”

“Ah,” I said. She must have meant the three of us, Jake, Ted, and me, wrestling without any… “No,” I said. “No. Way.” Although if it were with Hannah, that would be a different story.

Entry #19 - Zac produces the corniest words to woo I've ever seen. Check it out!

I pulled her close. “You’re a flower yourself,” I continued, “Tall and beautiful, amidst a field of grass. Like the sun poking through on a rainy day.” I was amazed at the ease with which the words came. And of such fantastic quality, too!

Entry #18 - An Old Memory entry! Find out what life was like for Zac and the gang in times long gone. In this entry, a young Zac witnesses the birth of his second niece, while struggling to entertain his first.

I watched the silent television for a few minutes when my cell phone chimed. I dug it out of my pocket and flipped it open. Jake had sent me a text message.

“Quit playing with yourself and come to school,” it read.

Entry #17 - Zac and his family receive a phone call from his sister. Finally, a connection to the very first entry! Check it out! And check out WRH on Twitter (@whtrllyhppnd)!

After she came home that night so long ago, I knew my sister’s marriage was strained to the breaking point, but I didn’t realize the true severity of the situation. Rebecca never told us what really happened, only segments. I couldn’t help but wonder how much deeper down the rabbit hole it went.

Entry #16 - Jake, Ted, and Zac eat some bad food while plotting the senior prank.

“We’re pathetic,” I said, lowering my glass. “A bunch of nerds,” Jake added. “That’s exactly why we need to do this," Ted explained. "And whether we’re caught or not, at least we’ll know for ourselves that we did it.” “Hooray for self-satisfaction,” Jake said.

Entry 15 - 2: Senior Prank: The Genesis. Jake, Ted, and Zac play some baseball when they are struck with an idea.

“It’s hot out,” I said.

“Yes, it’s hotter than the fires of hell and all of damnation,” Jake replied.

Entry #14 - Jake muses about the psychological aspect of mirrors as Zac and Ted try to get some sleep. Also, find What Really Happened on Twitter @whtrllyhppnd

“Have you guys ever stared at your reflection in the mirror?” Jake rephrased his question.“Well, one time I stared at myself for an hour while I gave myself a root canal,” Ted replied.

Entry #13 - Hannah leaves and Zac confides in Mery. Keep tuned for some changes this weekend! (Maybe) Also, find What Really Happened on Twitter @whtrllyhppnd

Soon after Hannah left, the words I searched for came to me bit by bit through a haze of frustration. Phrases, compliments, and comments surfaced and receded in my mind as I tried to chisel the best ones into my memory for future use. The whole time, I helped Mery pick up trash and rearrange the pat