HIIII GUYS!!!!!!!! Remeber me?; ~The Sneaky Nargle~ here:)!
Long time no post eh...
So sorry I've disappeared from the face of the earth for like over a month...I've just had loads going on...
At the end of May I had my last day of primary school :')! (the official graduation ceremony is on tuesday! omfg I still just cant...believe it !)
And this past months I've been busy with exams and rl shizz like that......
And a slow net connection and FB disliking laptop doesn't make it much easier to get on...
And also, when I've had free time on the computer I have manly been streaming this awesome tv show online called "Supernatural" Any other fans of it here? IT IS AN EPIC SHOW imo anyway ^w^... I could siriuslee recommend it!
Anywho, I AM BACKK Miss me?
Oh well..I'm just sorta rambling right now..but yeah..Hi x3
~The Sneaky Nargle who's missed y'all~

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Sooo, the lyrics are from the Taylor Swift song called 'white horse' and whilst watching 'The Two Towers' again yesterday, I just thought this and I found it hilarious! So now I've just made this edit which I am laughing my butt of at x'D!...Yeah..I am far too easily amused sometimes x3...Am I the only one who finds this funny? (probably xD lol) ... ~The Sneaky Nargle~

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Guys! It's the amazing Emma Watson's 23rd birthday (15/04/2013) So I tweeted her this edit ^w^...Hope she's had a great day... Can you believe how much our little Hermione has grown up?♥
Am I the only one who thinks that Emma was just PERFECT as Hermione?:) She's just awesome!
okayy I shall stop rambling/fangirling now lol
~The Sneaky Nargle~

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I am graduating from primary school in about a month!!! It seems sooo sureal I'm just going to miss my friends so much since I'm going away on boarding school for a yeah :'s so bittersweet....
But an AWESOME things is, that we dress up for our last day of school (I just know I'll be bawling my eyes out anyway..) And I LOVE DRESS-UP And and and I have decided to go dressed up as LEGOLAS (from LotR) Wooh! I have almost the whole costume ready ! ~The Sneaky Nargle WhoCan'tDecideWetherShe'sHappyOrSad..

Wooh! Reached 2k !
Anyone wanna do something? A game or a photospam of sorts or something? Comment anything..? (seems no one wants tah do stuff anymore?..) ~The Sneaky Nargle

Heyyy I've got about an hour or two to be on so anyone want to do something? A game or something? Comment any ideas you'd wanna do maybe?:) ~The Sneaky Nargle

Heeeyyy potterheads Long time no posts eh.. I'm back now:)
Anyone have an idea of what to do? I'm up for anything...

Also, like this page maybe? It's new and wants to grow it'll also have an admin contest when it gets bigger so keep an eye out ;D?


~The Sneaky Nargle

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So, tomorrow I shall be leaving for Scotland for about a week of holidaying so I most likely won't be able to go online...Also, recently , yesterday actually, my computer's charger broke and now needs replacement...I shall be on again in a week or two depending on when I can get a new charger, and how it is with my Internet conection and homework and such...yeah, I'm just babbling right now xD lol...Anyways, talk to y'all soon(hopefully ;D..) ~The Sneaky Nargle

Heeeyyy potterheads:) So sorry I haven't been on for like a month ! I've had stuff to do and then when I've wanted to be on my internet's been acting up again...Sometimes it just stops working when I'm trying to go on facebook -It works fine with other sites(most of the times) and then lags when it's FB - ...Hmm...Anyone want to do something? ~The Sneaky Nargle

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Another random thought that just struck me:
If Severus Snape had survived the battle of Hogwarts but still succeded in giving Harry his memories, what do you think would be the first thing they'd say to each other upon meeting again? How d'you think they'd have interacted after that? ~The Sneaky Nargle

A B C D E F G; Gummy bears are chasing me,
one is red and one is blue,
One is chewing up my shoe,
Now I'm running for my life 'cause the red one's got a knife


Heheheh xD...Just because ;3..~The Sneaky Nargle

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Woo! Good taste in music you got there Harry ;D!
Anyone else here a fan of AC/DC ? I love classics 80's rock bands! ~The Sneaky Nargle

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OHMYGOSH! Soo, I just got home from holiday today, and so on the plane-ride home, on the seats behind me was a little boy and his parents and his name was Remus!!! Not even kidding! How awesome is that eh?! Heard his mum calling him so anyway(and privately smiling about it xDlol) now that's cool parenting;) ~The Sneaky Nargle

Soooo, I randomly had the urge to read a bit in my Half-Blood Prince book earlier lol dunno why xD...I was just reading the part where Snape is making snide remarks about Tonks's new patronus, and I'm thinking like "bitch please, how's a wolf weak??" and then I randomly wonder wether Snape knows about the reason for the patronus changing...wether he's guessed...And then I wonder if that was the reason for the comments, because he doesn't like Lupin...And then I randomly who I think would win in a duel between Snape and Lupin....I am not at all sure who I'd think would win...DADA was both of theirs best subjct as I remeber it right?.. They're both pretty awesome duellers...
My random question now is: who do Y'ALL think would win in a duel between Lupin and Snape?:)
So what's y'alls take on it? Whaddaya think?:)
-The Sneaky Nargle who feels slightly random^w^...

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Just finished watching Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers (yes I know...Again?! and indeed!)
Seriously, Viggo's(Aragorn) and Orlando's(Legolas) looks are sooo distractingly HOT!
Like, everytime one of them is on screen I'm just like: " *o* *fangirls*!!!"
Legolas and Aragorn can simply walk into my Mordor if ya know what I mean *cue immature giggles*
And OHMYGOSH! Sam's pep speech in the fight scene of Osgilliath is one of the freaking most inspirational things... I've ever heard!! Nearly made me cry!
And OMYG! In the lasts scene as Frodo and Sam walk in that forest, the way the talk/look at each other...THEY ARE MEANT TO BE :') OTP FEELS!!!!!!
Also, was I the only one thinking 'dafuq?!' when the orc and Helms Deep castle torches were still alight even thought it was raining? Lol because screw logic x'D heh
I just....GAH!!!....THIS MOVIE IS JUST TOO EPIC !!!!
#Ringer4Life #LotRisBoss #KeepCalm&ShipFrodoXSam
-The Sneaky Nargle

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