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If your name consists of any letters from the alphabet, if you've had or will have a birthday this year and if your birthday is on a day with day in it's name or or or you're male or female of the human species... YEP!! YOU GOT IT!! YOU'RE FKEN AWESOME!!


Like this if...
You've ever walked into a glass door.. Or..
Laughed at someone who has... Or...
You're just bored!!

I think that if you smoke after Sex it warrants the purchase of a better lubricant!!

Showing trust in a person is a great source of encouragement to him or her...
But telling someone like us
that they're AWESOME,,
Is well!!


Stating the bloody obvious...

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2 totally random and pointless facts...The road to success is always under construction.. And man this vacuum really sucks..

Merry Christmas to all my Awesome likers..
I could've eaten alphabet soup and crapped out a better status.. But hey!! I don't like soup.. Merry Christmas people, remember Keep smiling You're AWESOME AND THEY'RE NOT.. feel the

Another mumbleday is upon us, yeah!! Mumbleday!! The only response to conversation on a Monday is mumbles.. If you're lucky i may even grunt...

Look back and reflect a little.
Go back exactly 12 months to this day and read what you wrote on your wall this time last year.. Some of you may have changed, yet some of you may still be struggling with and writing the same old shit.. Live and learn, they say!! "Like" if you've changed, or don't if you're still the same..

Have got or played a Wii? Am i the only the one who has suffered a Wii injury!!?

Ever night someone thinks about YOU before they go to sleep..
And YOU mean the world to that someone..
Because YOU are Awesome!!