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After a brief hiatus, decided to do some blogging. And this goes to my clients...or anyone else who likes to share files.…/

Leonard Nimoy (Spock) logics with Sheldon in “The Transporter Malfunction”, The Big Bang Theory.

We all love The Big Bang Theory, right? In a recent episode Sheldon embraced chaos, decided to wear his Tuesday pajamas on Thursday night and took up playing bongos in the middle of the night. And reminded us that the verb to be, is the only exception to the English grammar rule that the subjunctive is always the same as the bare infinitive.
Watch the captioned clip and read the transcript here.…/sheldon-embraces-chao…/

YouTube Captions and Subtitles, The Big Bang Theory TV Show
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For all those Not for profit organizations and Charities, if you have a YouTube channel, watch this. WhooshTranscription is celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We're offering free subtitling and captioning services watch th...
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Great article, I'd have thought captioning your YouTube would get into any Top-10-YouTube-SEO-tricks list. Right?

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Been neglecting this page. I wonder why. I'm stretched too thin, I feel porous. I I I.
Posted my first YouTube video, check it out.… Want to get more views on your YouTube videos? YouTube captions are a great way t...