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Here's a photo, c. 1977, from an old WDW souvenir slide thing, the name of which I've forgotten because the pieces got separated. At any rate the slides were ve...ry discolored and I only scanned a few before throwing them out. This one I had to desaturate then recolorize to make it resemble reality.

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No bids on this yet. If they don't sell I will relist them but probably combined with other Disneyland stuff, so if all you want is eight cool old postcards for $10... the auction ends in a couple hours.

Disneyland Postcard Lot 1950s-1970s | Collectibles, Disneyana, Vintage (Pre-1968) | eBay!

People are clamoring to buy this stuff!*

* Potentially untrue. Exclamation point overly dramatic.

Walt Disney World Paper & Plastic 1970s & 1980s | Collectibles, Disneyana, Contemporary (1968-Now) | eBay!

I gave up on trying to scan ALL of these WDW slides that I'd collected because it's very time-consuming. Now they're for sale! Slide collecting was one of the favorite hobbies of royalty during the dark ages, so if you want to feel distinguished and distrustful of science, this is a great opportunity.

140 photographic slide images from Walt Disney World. About 25 of these are the Pana-Vue souvenir slides that you could buy at WDW, the rest are amateur shots of varying quality. | eBay!
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I've been scanning through a pigpile of WDW slides my family took (and slides that I bought online) over the past 40-plus years and have come across some good s...tuff. This is not great quality but it IS a rare shot of comedian Wally Boag performing his Pecos Bill role at WDW's Diamond Horseshoe Revue in March of 1972. Boag was only in Florida for three years before returning to the role he created back at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe.

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Slide Scan! April 1972: Someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture in the MK forecourt.

The Little Mermaid hasn't left the Florida parks ever since that 1989 parade float. In 2012 got its own ride (Under The Sea / Journey of the Little Mermaid) in the same spot where 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea operated from 1971 to 1994. Long before that, in 1992, the live stage production Voyage of the Little Mermaid opened at Disney-MGM Studios and is still running 26 years later. Photo credit to

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Always on the lookout for vintage Disney weirdness, here's a digitized version of a 1972 WDW tour that played on a tiny plastic television! - Foxxy

This toy record player could also project slides on a plastic TV screen! This record and slide set was released in 1972 and features a simple tour through th...

Vintage Disneyland postcards for sale. In the 15th and 16th centuries, people used to write on these and mail them to other people just for fun.

Disneyland Postcard Lot 1950s-1970s | Collectibles, Disneyana, Vintage (Pre-1968) | eBay!

Super cool Tom Whalen Little Mermaid post art. You've gotta see more of this guy's stuff if you haven't already:

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1964 Disneyland book for sale. People love books and they also love Disneyland, which makes this a great pairing. This is apparently the very first hardbound Disney park souvenir book.

Disneyland Hardbound Souvenir Book 1964 | Collectibles, Disneyana, Vintage (Pre-1968) | eBay!

More Disneyland stuff for sale (cleaning house)!

Disneyland Disney Gallery Paper Items Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Haunted Mansion | Collectibles, Disneyana, Contemporary (1968-Now) | eBay!

From the Facebook group "We Worked at WDW in the 1970s," a look at the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village's Pottery Chalet c. 1975. The Pottery Chalet sat on a spot that was later incorporated into Downtown Disney's World of Disney store. The Village's conversion to Downtown Disney did away with the European conceits and the relaxed atmosphere... like a Wall Street banker buying an old stone hearth bakery in the south of France and turning it into a Burger King. Making allowan...ces for my age at the time of the Village's mid-1970s opening (I was about six), I'd still say the Pottery Chalet was too boring to have survived the 1990s. Had it veered more heavily into folk art - like Howard Finster and stuff like that - it might have lasted. Alas, the Village overall was too pure for the age of Eisner and a quaint shop full of stoneware and smelly candles was no match for a behemoth store overflowing with every conceivable kind of Mickey-branded item of which the mind could imagine. It would be cool if there was a Hidden Vase somewhere in there, though.

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It was a different era.

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"You can see it written quite plainly here, gentlemen, that a crew cut is not compulsory for members of the Florida business community and may, in point of fact..., serve to perpetuate the appearance of being 'anti-Beatles', ergo 'anti-youth' to an unfortuitous degree." Then-Disney Operations Director Dick Nunis, Florida Development Commission Chairman Milton Wier and WDW Project Director Robert Mathieson photographed during a 1967 meeting of state representatives and key Walt Disney Productions' personnel.

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Actress Sherri Stoner in live action reference footage for Ariel.

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More Little Mermaid art.

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Two magazines. This is a rare opportunity for you to own something that was sitting in a box in my garage.

Both magazines have cover stories about Walt Disney World, which opened that year, with lots of color photos showing the resort in its infancy. Look Magazine April 6, 1971 & Life Magazine October 15, 1971. | eBay!