Live action of photographing Anton Larsen Creek...
Paty climbs Mt. Barometer
A video review of the new 2015 sure to watch in HD mode...

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A beautiful, peaceful morning along Monashka Creek on Kodiak Island, Alaska. 25% off discount limited edition print.

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An interview with one of the most incredible adventurers alive! A must read!!!

Joe Classen interviews Buck Nelson about his many incredible adventures, including his 1000 mile solo trip through the Alaskan wilderness of the Brooks Rage.

Turkey season is almost here! Try this calling technique next time you're out!

Leaf scratching can be one of the most alluring and deadly calls while hunting wild turkey in either the spring or fall seasons.

Photo of the week! 25% off limited edition print.

A majestic bald eagle enjoys the tranquility of gently falling snow on Kodiak Island, Alaska. 25% off discount limited edition print.

Today's Blog!

For centuries, the wilderness has been utilized as a multifaceted place of divine encounter. The indifference of nature is a great teacher of wisdom, as it greatly influences one to seek that which is good.

Another DIY taxidermy video from years ago...

An instructional video about how to panel/plaque mount the skull cap antler portion of a deer, elk, caribou, moose, or any big game, antlered animal.

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Found an old do-it-yourself taxidermy video I put together many years ago. Enjoy.

A complete, step by step guide for doing a European style big game skull mount.
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I captured this image of the northern lights at the Olds River, on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Like most aurora borealis photo shoots, it was a bitterly cold winter outing, and the only one foolish enough to head out on the abandoned, ice-covered roads in the middle of the night was yours truly. However,...

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New blog.

An essay about God as the Master, Divine artist of creation and the role of human beings in relation to the natural world.

Spruce Cape Sunrise - Photo of the Week - 25% off limited edition print.

Spruce Cape, located on Kodiak Island, Alaska, is known for getting some of the most ferocious winds and extreme weather that makes its way across the island. When a storm rolls in, Spruce Cape is mean and nasty! Perhaps this is why the Navy Seals Cold Weather Warfare Training Center is located ther...