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Michael Nava
· December 7, 2017
We have yet to move into our new home (The Farm in Ventura CA) and we are having the worst experience. After reading the posts, it seems this type of service is a common occurrence! They do not provid...e a close date. The customer service goes out the door once you search for a lender other than Carver (we were forced to search since Carver would not provide a good estimate comparable to ANY other lender). The lack of professionalism and common courtesy is astonishing. Our realtors have closed on over 100 new homes and they say our experience is definitely an outlier. They avoided speaking with our on-site sales rep and started communicating with someone from corporate. We even mentioned our families had been effected by the Thomas Fire and not one concern about us meeting their impromptu deadlines for mundane documents.

We reached out to VP of Sales Dan Fania and he directed us to the on-site sales manager. They promised to address all matters. So to be continued. . . .

UPDATE: Long story short, the sales team from bottom to top was horrible. I called SoCal Gas and convinced them to unlock gas line 3 weeks earlier than proposed move-in date. WH went out of their way to make sure that did not happen. After a round of emails they allowed SoCal gas to do their job. This is just the 'tip of the iceberg' of horrible customer service we received.

NOTE: We are now in our home and WH customer service is awesome so far (Due to a completely different staff!). I'm glad I never have to walk back into the sales office again! If anyone gets treated like I did and you read this post you may message me at any time. I would be more than happy to show you how to deal with the sales team (and preferred lender)!
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Melissa Leon
· January 3, 2018
This company hires the most unprofessional people my family has ever encountered. They are unorganized and contract anyone off the street to work on their homes. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! the home... we have has many imperfections from damaged tubs and showers to things not being leveled etc. (too much to even list here). They hire non professionals to do the work and the work that is done is sub par to say the least. When you have an issue they argue and treat it like it’s not a big deal. Very shiesty company, stay far away from Williams homes. (The gardens of Santa Maria) See More
David Leon
· January 3, 2018
These homes are very nice from the model we looked at, which is why our family got one. Big mistake. We moved into our brand new home only to find defects all over the place. Wouldn’t have been a big if the customer service wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen from any business. You would think it would be understandable that we wouldn’t want defects in a BRAND NEW home, but they still treat us like we’re crazy and just making a “big deal out of nothing”. These aren’t small problems and there’s a long list of them. They don’t want to deal with it and every encounter is extremely unprofessional. Lots of arguing and excuses over things that should never have been here in the first place or avoiding us altogether with a “we’ll get to it later because we’re busy” kind of attitude.

Just a few examples of the defects; large gashes and scratches in the showers, scratches on the windows, uneven walls, granite in the kitchen wasn’t sealed and was rough to the touch (we did that ourselves), we can feel small objects underneath the carpet etc. etc. etc.

This is in Santa Maria so I’m not sure if the same people are in charge of other areas but AVOID PABLO, he’s the person they send to tell the workers what needs fixing and he’s the worst kind of scum there is. Nothing but excuses from him. I don’t understand how this man even has a job.
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Jason Hauss
· July 14, 2017
We are having the same experience as Alex Guzman below. There has been no contact from sales and delays have pushed us past our original closing date. What is worse is that nobody has been working o...n our house which would explain the delay but we can't seem to get any response. We have escalated to corporate but can't seem to get a response there either. For such expensive homes, they are giving very poor service and we are stuck since our home sold on time to meet contingency removal dates set by Williams Homes. See More
Alex Guzmán
· July 3, 2017
Unfortunately, Williams Homes has been a disappointment. They were very friendly at first, but I guess they were just trying to sell us a house. As soon as we signed a contract, they became less conce...rned with customer service. In fact, they've made us feel like a nuisance for requesting pretty standard information that the lender requires. They won't alert you when there's a construction delay, even though this can cost you a lot of money. And, they do their best to avoid giving you a closing date. When you ask about the closing date, they'll act like it's your fault for not working with their preferred lender, who DOES NOT offer competitive rates and charges many fees. See More
Brandy Carreon
· April 7, 2017
This has been the worst home buying experience one could imagine. Since we have moved in we've had issues with the air conditioning unit, our stairwell railings, water leakage in our garage, vinyl iss...ues in the bathroom upstairs, issues with the cement walkways, issues with the rafters and rafter tails, settling cracks internal and severely external, our vinyl fence in the backyard is not properly footed in cement, the soil was not properly compacted and is causing movement, and I could list more. The worst part is when we put in a ticket for fixes, we are told that the issues are "our fault" before someone even comes out to look at them. I am appalled by the lack of craftsmanship and quality and even more appalled with the customer service. See More
Bruce Kalish
· August 21, 2016
We just got the keys to our new home at Savannah in Simi Valley on August 5th. I want to pass along my thanks to the sales tag team there of Alan, Cynthia, and Amy.
Especially Alan, who was very cour...teous in handling the sale and mortgage process. I was relocated from Colorado by my company, and we started the process to buy our Savannah unit in January. My family could not join me until we moved in in August. Over the months, Alan was always very professional, and willing to handle our unique situation, questions, and the logistics of getting signatures from two different locations He helped us understand the requirements for closing in California and kept us constantly informed.
Thank you,and we are very happy with our home and the sales team service!
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Wenelie Rose
· October 22, 2017
"In 1997, Lance Williams founded privately held, Santa Clarita based, Williams Homes, on the principles of integrity, trust and partnership - the key ingredients to Williams Homes’ continued success."... Sadly they DO NOT live up to this statement! We purchased a condo at Tovara in Sylmar. These condos are 4-5 bedrooms WITH NO PARKING SPACE. I questioned Alan our sales person about parking when we were looking into buying and he said there would be parking space. There have already been more than 5 cars towed at about $400 each! Where are we supposed to park! I spoke to one of their builders and he said there aren't any plans to create any parking space. There are only 2 buildings being occopied, they are building so many more. If this is already a nightmare now, what is going to happen when everyone else moves in? THIS IS A DISASTER! Do something about this Williams Homes. The street parking outside is not nearly enough. You have plenty of space on the other side which you will be building more condos on...CREATE SOME PARKING SPACES! If you are looking to purchase a home here-be very careful while it is still early for you! See More
Sherri O'Heron Rangel
· August 20, 2016
I purchased my Williams Home townhouse in January of 2016 (which at that time was nothing but an empty lot), I closed escrow last week, and spent my first night in my new home just last night. I am an... ecstatically happy homeowner! I was in very close contact with everyone in the sales office for eight months (and still am) and found each of them to be highly professional, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. They were beyond patient with my endless questions and concerns. I just LOVE my new home, and during these eight months everyone with whom I have had contact, whether it be sales, their lender, the construction crew, or customer service, has been outstanding. And, I am one of those individuals who has very high expectations regarding customer service. Thank you, Williams Homes! See More
Nancy King Fuentes
· October 1, 2016
We are happy with our new house Trestles / Williams Homes. However the HOA service is horrible. HOA manual booklet says to park in the garage and the driveway. Our two doors down neighbor has 5 cars h...e parks everywhere, it looks like a car dealership instead a "private gate community " We addressed the issue to the HOA office nothing has happened. The same neighbor blast his music so much that you can really hear it all the way to my house. They also had a birthday party till 1:00 am. Other neighbors and my self called the cops and they told me the other neighbors have called for the same issue. My husband and I email the HOA manager and she told us to try to talk to the neighbor ourselves. We hope HOA stops being so lazy and starts doing their job. See More
Lidia Alzate
· October 7, 2016
My family just purchased our new home in the Savannah community, in Simi Valley. We are so happy and could not be more thankful to the team (Alan, Cynthia and Amy) at Savannah! Our special thanks to A...lan Fine, a professional that not only was there to sell the home, but assist us with every detail of the purchase, from the upgrades to the mortgage process. He was able to handle every different situation of the process and made himself available every day and every time we needed. See More
Donni Herrmann
· September 5, 2016
We visited Savannah homes at the very first opening, met Cynthia and toured the models. We were quite impressed. Subsequently, we came back after looking at other homes in Oxnard and met with Alan. He... was extremely informative and described the high-quality construction of these homes. He explained the post tension concrete slabs, as well as the fire retardant tile roofing, and most importantly, which we never would have known, the double-wall construction between the units of each triplex. We were so impressed with these features that we decided to come back several times to take another look. Alan was always so gracious, helpful and professional without being pushy that we really enjoyed working with him. He knew our situation, and was very keen with follow-up and ideas to help complete our purchase with the terms that we needed and our selling and buying requirements. Obviously he was working for the builder, and made sure we knew that, but he was diligent in trying to get us the deal we were happy with. He even came out on his birthday to deliver the keys, and made several trips to the house to check things for us to follow up on our questions and concerns. As a real estate professional buying my own home, It was such a pleasure to deal with an honest, kind, knowledgeable professional. We were unhappy with the lending representative who took our information and never followed up with us or even made one phone call, therefore we paid cash, but we are very disappointed in the builder's selection of the representative from Wells Fargo. After all is said and done, we are in the house now, it's beautiful and all is FINE after dealing with Mr. Fine!
Mr. Alan Fine is a definite asset to your team and we appreciate him.
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Karyn Freund Pistole
· May 3, 2017
Think twice...

Short cuts, likely construction defects, poor customer service and a total lack of concern for their buyers seems to be the status quo....

Their senior management team has known about significant problems within our community for sometime and they have made NO sincere effort to work with us and resolve the issues. It seems like a complete duck and cover deal.

For me, any reputable company, regardless of industry, would want to step up and get in front of a problem and act in good faith just as their customers had done when they chose to do business with them.

Unfortunately, that does not appear to be this company's business model.
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Jay Cee
· May 1, 2017
Since Customer Service for Williams Homes have been lacking and seeing others on this page have the same similar issues. Here are my issues that Williams have ignored for over a year now and among neighbors of mine. I have been patiently waiting for their response or solutions but have not heard any yet for last 8 months. We are having compaction soil issues on our property with huge cracks in our garages formed and getting worse. Our homes built in and finished in Dec 2014 Valle Di Oro. These cracks in our garages are all lined up not by coincidence either with 6 houses affected. Our backyards after doing hardscaping landscaping all the neighbors have movement where the cement in separating from the house moving away by as far as 1-2 inches. Our rear fences are moving bowing out to the common easements. Cracks in homes forming. I mean over time cracks form but I do not expect them to come 2 year old home. The issue is the compaction of the land that was done causing this and major issue is that Williams fails to respond to this major issue. I love the community we live in and the home we bought. Its disappointing that Williams Homes fails to address issues that are on a larger scale. Maybe this post will gather others together or have Williams Homes take some action. I'm out patience on this matter and want something done not a silent treatment. See More
Thaminda Ramanayake
· August 23, 2016
Wonderful job done by Williams Homes on our new home! Bravo to Alan and Cynthia for meticulously guiding us through the process and a warm welcome to Gary, for carefully attending to post purchase det...ails. Thank you all for your support and advice - it was such a pleasant experience end-to-end! See More
Andy J Wang
· August 4, 2015
Be careful with the contract. If the builder is giving you credit for floor ugrade, they want you to get loan from Wells Fargo. Your hands are tied. There are better lenders out there but you can not ...go with the better lender. To me Wells Fargo is not a good one. It's not competitive. See More
Toni Rose
· August 16, 2016
Thank you Williams Homes for our beautiful new home! Thank you Lori for making everything easy and smooth! We were stress-free throughout the whole process!
Nko Justin
· July 18, 2014
So Excited!! Love my new home. Can't wait to move in
Nekia Williams Carter
· August 4, 2014
Enjoying My Olive Glen Home and peaceful quite surroundings.
Felicia Session
· June 15, 2014
I love my home at olive glen
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Congratulations to Mark Carlile, one of our family of owners who has taken the first major step in rebuilding his home lost in the Thomas Fire! We are so thankful to Mark for his willingness to partner with us so we may serve him in this endeavor from start to finish.

Thank you to the 40 families that have engaged with us to explore the process of partnering with us to rebuild their homes. We have learned so much and are driven to help everyone rebuild what was lost in the most efficient manner. We are ready to serve! Please go to to learn more.”

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