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Bob Gwinn
· January 30, 2018
Very impressed with our local police department. They seem to be on ball and caring.
Scott Davis
· April 7, 2016
Ok give credit when credit is due honor respect God called me to preach in churches across the United States plus police departments preacher for cops across the United States Jesus coming soon he is ... the soon coming King Jesus will split the Eastern Sky by his power and every eye shall see him every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus he is Lord earthquakes tornadoes hurricanes and War look you see it this is Bible God gives us choice to serve Jesus or to serve yourself and man but I will tell you it won't get you anywhere Jesus Christ the way the truth the life the light the power that is about all names God's not moved by your job the answer is Jesus Christ See More
James Chamblin
· January 25, 2017
Can't complain about the town or the police, in fact they made an impact on my son because he sees all the crap on t.v about cops killing people and here locals bad mouth them.. But truth is they are ...all great guys. Give them a Chance, one bad cop doesn't make them all bad cops. Keep up the good work up their and stay safe... See More
Jan Paschal King Flucas
· August 5, 2017
Have come to form a trusting acquaintance with Officer David Benjamin. I won't hesitate to support him and his efforts. Great representation of Winchester. Have attended and participated in the ann...ual Family Fun night for 2 years becase of him. See More
Doug Clark
· July 14, 2014
I lived in Winchester for 3 months which was about all I could stand because of the stalker cops there. I bought a bow there locally but when I asked the police chief there he said there was no place legally shoot anywhere around there. I asked him to help me find a place where I could shoot a target bag with it, maybe a tree line or something like that. He refused to help and referred me to the phone book for places 50 miles away that I had to pay by the hour... They sit on the main 4 lane straight freeway every day and pick off anyone going too fast but the speed limit isn't clearly posted in that area so I absolutely hated it. I didn't now of any other way through town other than past that intersection that they stalk. Every time I passed BJ, he pulled me over so I was afraid to leave or enter town. I got pulled over by the same cop BJ twice. The first time was for having plastic over my custom license plates that has been there for 5 years. I waited while BJ called the police chief to come meet me. The chief wanted to meet me when he heard BJ pulled me over because we talked on the phone before about the bow... He wanted to shake my hand and let me know that he was looking for a place to go shoot locally. I didn't believe him.. How hard could it be, it's all COUNTRY there! The second time I got pulled over by BJ was for driving with my trailer hitch on because I had been using it frequently. BJ said it was an obstruction of view and people in town were stealing them. I mean seriously it's only an obstruction of view for the license plate if you are laying on the ground! I left a town of police stalkers to go visit the country. I wish they would have let me enjoy it there! See More
Anita Kirker
· March 29, 2014
It's a shame no one is on duty this morning. Went to the PO and as usual no one knows what a crosswalk is. Also, it is raining and I saw at least 2 vehicles with no lights on, actually I almost pull...ed out in front of one of them! Lost revenue for the town :) See More
Michael Cubberly
· October 15, 2017
To my Brothers and Sisters and K9's in LE: wear your vest, watch your 6, - - 1* and 2*. IGY6, I��1LEO�4�
¤xMikex¤ ... - - - ... ; ; ; >
1*/many *'s �ur6� IGY6...
Wear your vest !!!
Keep your head on a swivel
Don't Forget your K9 partner !!!
~☆☆☆☆☆~ "Finest of the Finest" NJHL
Add Officer Sirius to PAPD 9/11 Roll. K9's are Sworn LEO's.
Bullying is NEVER ok - you are better then the HATE
♡WE ARE WORTH IT TO SOMEONE ♡!!! #SuicideAwareness
#ADOPTDONTSHOP #foreverhome
Cheeseburgers are Good ... GOD is GREAT.
Christians United For Israel �.
God Bless You, in Jesus Name
Remember Jesus loves You !!!
; ; ;
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Cindi Robertson Pullins
· February 21, 2014
Extreemly impressed with the great job they did with the drug bust on Sunshine Avenue........we sure have noticed a lot less traffic up and down this dead end street.......very greatful for all their ...hard work !!!! See More
Mary Anne Menders Smith
· January 23, 2016
I was snowed in and Captain Frick came over and got my vehicle to the road and lent me his shovel to clear my doorway! Thank you!!!
Kristion M Alcorn
· May 6, 2016
I know this might sound mean. But I'm glad Chief Benjamin didn't get sheriff in brown county! Because this town would lose the best chief ever! Then the lieutenant would become chiefs! Then it'll all ...just get messed up! I like it how it is now! In wouldn't wanna change a thing!!

IF IT WASNT FOR CHIEF BENJAMIN & THE LIEUTENANT… Winchester would be nothing just saying! They take there job seriously unlike some people!!!

So I also wanna say I big thanks to them for that!

You guys are the best! Thanks yahs so much for always being there for me in my family! In everybody else that's needed y'all! In thanks to any cops that's helped my family! Like seriously tho I don't know how y'all do it but yah do!!((=

Best police department in Winchester! Even tho they are like never there when I pass at noon! On the school bus but can be there at the crack of dawn!!! Anyways! Besides that YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!((=

I feel safe when I know it's you to in this down as chief & lieutenant!((=
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Richard Neu
· March 22, 2016
There keeping us safe and cracking down on Drugs. All of this makes me very Happy Happy. Great job
Valerie Long
· June 19, 2014
This department is awesome! They respect the citizens in the area. David Benjamin is a great asset to this town!!
Seth Weaver
· August 10, 2015
Great Department with Great Officers!!!! Always putting the citizens of the Village First and making safety the #1 Priority...Keep up the Great Work
Angela Hall
· September 14, 2014
Best village PD in Adams County! Has been for several years.
Amir Soulkin
· December 22, 2014
Nothing worse than a pig. Truly, nothing worse in the entire world of existence than a low IQ possessing white supremacist pig masquerading as a sentient human being
Tessa Lynn Ellis
· December 17, 2013
Winchester is in Good Hands !
Josh Frisby
· January 1, 2014
Top Notch Agency - Very respectable department.
Sarah Dawn McCaw
· November 20, 2013
Best anyone could ask for!!! :)
David Bradford
· November 19, 2013
I agree with Eddie.David is one of the best POLICE OFFICERS I KNOW!!!
Donna Jones
· November 25, 2013
a great place to live
I had the opportunity to speak with the young folks at Brown County Christian Academy this morning. What a blessing to share with them the duties of a police officer, the joys of being a servant, and choosing a career. I hope to be invited back again next year!
Adams County Shop with a Cop 2017 parade
2017 Adams County Shop with a Cop

UPDATE: Suspect is believed to be in a 1993 Black Chevy S-10 with
plate # FIX-3609. He does have active Warrants through Wisconsin violation of parole if seen do not attempt to approach him.

On 4/23/18 while conducting a traffic stop on SR 136 the driver suspect fled into the woods near Cupp Rd.. After assistance from ACSO, Seaman and West Union P.D. and Winchester F.D. the suspect was not found. It's believed that around 11p the suspect stole a truck from the area of S...R 136 and Polley Rd. If you have any information regarding the vehicle or suspects location please contact our dispatch @ 544-2314 thank you for your assistance.

Chief David Benjamin

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UPDATE 4/17/18 4PM
Shirley Smalley has been located and currently safe and sound. We appreciate everyone's help locating her.

Missing Person:


Shirley Smalley 77 years of age with Alzheimer's and heart condition, was last seen at her apartment 134 Pleasant Alley in Winchester on 4-16-2018 @ 10am. If you have an information please contact our dispatch at 544-2314.

Chief David Benjamin

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