License Pricing Standard
Licensing Details 32/64-bit
Package Type Retail
System Requirements...
Min Processor Type 1 GHz - 1 GHz
Min RAM Size 1 GB
Min Hard Drive Space 16 GB
Peripheral / Interface Devices DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card

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Here are the specs fo Win 7...

Part Number:GLC-00182
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Language(s) English
License pricingStandard
Localization English
Operating System
License TypeComplete package
License Qty 1 PC

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To se some photos and videos of winseven go to info for links!

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To download Windows 7 ,first call all of your friend`s to join to the website and then go to the info and download it free and easy! If u have ANY problems writte to the wall and we will reply!

Windows 7 is designed for faster and more reliable performance to make your computer work the way you want it. With 64-bit color support, you can fully utilize the latest powerful computers, and great features such as the basic group, the Windows Media Center and Windows Touch allowing new things ..

Windows 7 is a simple, fast and catchy. A better way to find files and manage them, such as pop-up lists and improved taskbar previews to help you speed up everyday tasks........