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Scott Sery
· October 27, 2016
I had Winpower West install solar panels on my house. When Ben came over to do the initial measurements, I was blown away by his knowledge. When he came back with the proposal that included numbers,... graphs, charts, and everything else I was sold. It was then a matter of formalities. I'm happy with my panels, and can't wait to see my electric bill reduced to nothing. See More
Nora Lyon
November 7, 2011
The wind never blows in Wyoming or Montana - right, Ben!?!?!?

I saw another article (one of many over the past several months) that talked about the economic reasons for the decline of coal. Made me wonder about any possible impact my Tedx talk from 14 months ago might have had. There have been 20,767 views!

The video seems to have global reach and generated quite a few comments - most positive - and discussions that also included a few trolls who were very happy to display their lack of science and economic knowledge, as well as their use of alt-facts.

If you haven't seen the talk, you can view it here:

What's all this about a War on Coal? What does it have in common with some other economic wars? What recent changes make the outcome all but certain? After t...

We frequently are asked to fix something that isn't working. In this case, it was poor wiring practices by someone else that led to the destruction of the solar panels and the pump wire. After diagnosing the problems, a single, larger panel and all new wiring done correctly helped to prepare this pasture for the arrival of the cattle this coming weekend. One of our mantras: Do it right the first time!

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: cloud, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

For all of our friends in agriculture - could solar be your solution? (Hint: The answer is yes!)…/article_763d8da8-2c16-11…

MILES CITY, Mont. – Mark Fix has 200 to 250 head of cattle 20 miles southwest of Miles City to water in the blistering heat of summer. The trouble used

Just to keep you up-to-date on the adoption of renewable energy in the US and around the globe, and what role it is playing in the build-out of new energy sources and where the energy financial resources are going (hint: solar & wind, not oil & gas or coal!), check out the latest news here:…/wind-and-solar-are-crushing-foss…

Record clean energy investment outpaces gas and coal 2 to 1.

Billings and vicinity friends - hope to see you at this event. Senator Daines is hosting an Energy Conference and, although he has covered the carbon fuel industries (all sponsors and speakers), he has overlooked the fastest growing industries in energy today - ones that are contributing to employment and tax revenues throughout our state

Tue 12:00 PM MDTYellowstone County CourthouseBillings, MT
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An opportunity to help influence development and make our city even better!

A rare opportunity exists to enhance the attractiveness of Billings. The former Corette power plant has been torn down, and the land on which it stood is bounded on the north by the interstate highway, and adjoins the Yellowstone River across from Sacrifice Cliff. How wonderful it would be if this l…

After watching the TEDx talk linked in the previous post, you might want to read what Bloomberg Business has to say about energy in the future. They focus on vehicles, but if you read carefully, you will see support for exactly what I was saying in the talk.

A shift is under way that will lead to widespread adoption of EVs in the next decade.

Here is the TEDx talk on YouTube:

What's all this about a War on Coal? What does it have in common with some other economic wars? What recent changes make the outcome all but certain? After t...

For those of you who want to know which TEDx Billings talk will be hilarious and have you rolling in the aisles... well, maybe not, but it sure might help you to understand some of the issues regarding the future of energy in this country. Be sure to get your tickets now before there are no more.…/solar-vs-coal-the-real-battle/

Ben Reed The new energy paradigm of distributed renewable energy, including solar, is a profound addition to a growing list of technologies that have created paradigm shifts that many of us have wi...

It has been a busy year, with more jobs to get finished while the weather is cooperating. Just wanted to remind everyone that the federal subsidy for renewable energy is set to expire after next year, so if you have a home or business and have been thinking about solar or wind energy to lower your power bills, now is the time to act! These subsidies, coupled with the huge drop in prices for solar over the last five years, will result in a cost of electric energy at levels far below what you are currently paying, and they will not increase for the next 20-30 years while also adding to the value of your real estate. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

Still a few tickets left to tour a home that will showcase all of the technologies that can be employed today in making your home a sustainable, energy efficient dwelling. Good local food & drink, and the company of some very fine people!

Fri 5:00 PM MDT7th Ave N & N 23rd St, Billings, Mt
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Winpower West added 6 new photos to the album: Expansion of a Renewable Energy System.

We are adding the first two of four poles of solar, 15 modules/4200 watts each, as a battery back-up system to the two grid-tied 10 kW wind turbines we installed a few years ago. The batteries for this system are from the now-closed PPL coal-fired power plant on the Yellowstone River in Billings. That is recycling at its best!

Solar installation season is in full bloom here, at Winpower West. With prices for solar systems at historic lows, now is a great time to offset your electric power bills with your own solar generator, and lock in electrical rates well into the future at levels less than what you are currently paying your utility. The end result? A clean, renewable energy system that generates your own power and is paid for by the savings generated by not paying your utility! What is the payback, you ask? Exactly that! It pays for itself - something your utility bill will never do! Plus, it adds real, measurable value to your real estate. That is a win, win, win situation! Call or visit our web site today for more information on how you can join the energy revolution that is sweeping the globe.

Happy Earth Day! Join us at the Good Earth Market today for fun, music and information, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Distributed Renewable Energy Resources combined with battery storage has been my view of the future (even closer to reality now) for several years, and to hear what the major banking/finance institutions have to say is quite refreshing. What do you think?…

If you want to see where the grid is heading, follow the money. And by that measure, the banks have spoken loudly.

A one question survey for everyone: If the truth doesn't sway a legislator, should one resort to lying and telling fictional stories as the opposition does? This is a rhetorical question, of course.

Maybe the better question is: Why do the elected policy makers in Montana favor a for-profit corporation's (not even a MT corp.!) interests over what a clear majority (87%) of people in the state want?

Follow-up question: Where do we find these people, anyway?