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an interesting read for those in charge of a sales team....

When you are faced with aggressive sales targets and dwindling lead generation performance, purchasing an email contact list can seem like a tempting quick fix. In reality, however, this practice could be the death of your credibility.

7 Great #Content #Marketing Resources for writing and #SEO via @pogospring

I write a lot of content, either for my own blog or for great online publications like Business2Community. These days I only ever write content myself and

5 Actionable #ContentMarketing Tactics to Improve Your #SEO via @r2integrated

You wouldn’t build a house without first creating a blueprint, would you? So why create a blog without first developing a content strategy for the web? Yes, page one ranking is still important, but the beauty of search now lies in the content of the searcher. And, they have to find you first.

Getting past #B2B #leadgeneration mistakes via @customerthink

#Video #Infographic: 10 #SocialMedia Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind via @socialtimes

Each year Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, releases a sweet infographic-style video with the latest and greatest social media stats called ‘Social Media Revolution’. The latest installment, ‘Social Media Video 2013’, hit YouTube today and it’s chock-full of crazy impressive statistics. We’ve

Building a good #reputation with #leadgeneration appointment setting via @121directmktg

5 #trends shaping #smallbusiness in 2013 via @openforum

<p>OPEN business expert unveils the five trends small-businesses need to know about for next year. </p>

Lead nurturing statistics for #smallbusiness via @mjromeri

Inbound marketing is a powerful way increase lead generation and create new business opportunities. To get more leads for your small business, you need to

Target your #marketing effectively for #smallbusiness success via @constantcontact

Why are you in business? Seems like the answer is obvious—right? You’re in business to make money, or at least that should be one of your top priorities. But successful businesses realize there nee...

#Infographic on #content #marketing and #SEO via @sekarisearch

The Power of Influential #Content in #Inbound #Marketing via @b2community

Influence. It’s a word being thrown around a lot these days, especially in the world of content marketing and Inbound (Internet) marketing. For example,

#Socialmedia users expect great #customerservice via @timebusiness

There's no question that social media has changed the way customers interact with companies. The downside is that there's a lot more pressure to respond to customer complaints that are aired on public forums like Twitter and Facebook.

Using Google Places for Local Internet Marketing

Learn about using Google Places as an important element of your local internet marketing approach to supplement your SEO strategy.

#Infographic on measuring #content #marketing results via @contently

Via @Contently

20 #Content #Marketing Lessons from the Immortal #Jimi #Hendrix via @copyblogger

40 years after his death, Jimi Hendrix's name still resonates across generations. Here are 20 lessons from his life and work ...

Expanding your #marketing and #sales funnel via @myleftone

It’s the age-old question: Do you want Quality or Quantity? When marketing delivers a dozen leads from a highly engaging event, it’s usually expected