“Headscarf Policy” in Chechnya and Relevant International Standards For several years now, the Chechen authorities have been engaged in a “virtue campaign” for women, the headscarf policy being one of its core elements.
In Chechnya, official decrees monitor women's behavior and dress. Photographer Diana Markosian documents what life is like for those coming of age in this environment.
According to the information, on July 6, at about 06.00 pm, 20 year old Khadizhat Elimhanova who lives on Mayakovska Street in the capital city of Grozny with her mother, went to her friend Zalina’s house next door. At about 06.30 pm the two young girls went out to the street together. Zalina ente...
At the present stage, for our people, your policy support is very important to democratic achievements in the freedom of expression and the ability to broadcast a news stream in the Chechen language.
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Natalia Estemirova Scholarship

Today is Natasha's birthday. She would have been 55 today. We remember her and continue to call for justice.

Chechen women praying.

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Photojournalist Diana Markosian spent the last year and half covering Russia's volatile North Caucasus region. This year she started a personal project entitled "Goodbye My Chechnya" documenting the lives of young Chechen women as they come of age in the aftermath of war. She writes, "For young wom...