An interesting bit of non-WHOI research with some spectacular images of dee-sea octopuses (octopi?) taken by Jason and Alvin. #NSFfunded National Science Foundation (NSF)

Want to see something incredible? Head to a spot in the ocean 155 miles west of Costa Rica. Get in a sub and descend 9,482 feet beneath the surface to a stretch of exposed, dark rock on the seafloor. There’s a sea star, there’s a sponge, there are some shrimp... Oh wow! There are 100 octopuses c...

R/V Neil Armstrong and R/V Atlantis arrived home in #WoodsHole together on Monday and did a rare double docking. Armstrong Capt. Kent Sheasley brought his ship in bow-first. Derek Bergeron had to show off Atlantis' maneuverability to bring his ship in stern-first. @University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Neil Armstrong and Atlantis return home
Women in Deep Waters
We are live with WHOI scientist Michael Moore who will talk about if we can prevent Right Whale extinction. Please ask your questions in the comment section. We are live at Bucatino Restaurant and Wine Bar
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Lynne Neville-Doyle
· February 25, 2018
Most enthusiastic group of humans...trying their best to be educated and share..if THIS is Not Best example of ..making a better planet for our beings here, and for future....What Is??? Thank you, I ...was a young girl and decided I loved the sciences, My favorite was Oceanography..,,i went into college and Enjoyed Biological marine science...I was captivated ..and Knew...I needed to make a difference...Ive been Involved with so many .SAVE THE..s....I still age 56 years old..I am PROUD to be apart of Making a Difference, Carry On..Woods Hole Warriors :)...I am so very very PROUD of you ALL!! See More
Shirley Brandon
· March 27, 2018
i think that the research they do is very important for the survival of our planet. some day we will all be dependent on the oceans and if we don't take care of them now it won't help us later. Ban ...dumping in the oceans is a start. don't listen to trump because global warming IS REAL. See More
Andrew Cannon
· November 29, 2017
Great people doing incredible research to help the world understand the oceans better
Philip Astore
· January 19, 2018
Best Science Trip ever visiting & seeing your Institution! I especially liked the Wave generating Pool & Shark information exhibits...
Chris Clardy
November 27, 2011
Learn how Brine your Turkey at Woods Hole.
Jacques Saldanha
· January 1, 2018
Maravilhoso os trabalhos realizados pelo instituto, muitas informações fantásticas sobre os oceanos.