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Joshua Browder, the British inventor of the first "robot lawyer," turns to activism.

Totally enjoyed working on this piece @Univision @nicadispatch and the @Fusion team with data from @medialab. The conversation about immigration reform has taken a serious step back.

There is actual statistical evidence that shows this - and we found it.
This essay from Spring 2010 is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever written. I was effectively announcing then the …
The earthquake took many things away from Diandine Emile, but it did not take away her dream for a better future. This short documentary profiles Diandine: a...
The earthquake took many things away from Diandine Emile, but it did not take away her dream for a better future. This short documentary profiles Diandine: a...
It has been two years since an earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. Architecture for Humanity's Rebuilding Center in Port-au-Prince has supported the reconstruction effort through the reconstruction of schools, clinics, small businesses and long-term planning efforts. It's been a busy year. ...
Will merge with the Open Architecture Network to develop a robust center for applied innovation and sustainable development.

What's on your Earth Day to-do list? The NYTimes suggests picking up a copy of the new Worldchanging book. We couldn't agree more...…/hug-a-tree-raise-a-gl…/

April 22 is Earth Day, so whether you're looking to solve global warming or are just getting around to buying a recycling bin, here are some ways to get down to earth and give back.

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Will space tourism be a major climate change propellant? A new study reported in Nature finds that the impacts of a commercial space industry could be serious, even catastrophic:

Given how rapidly the aerospace industry is growing, how much demand for space tourism there seems to be among the very wealthy, and how big these impacts are, these findings seem to demand serious attention.
South Africa Unveils Plans for 'World's Biggest' Solar Power Plant: Giant Mirrors and Solar Panels in Northern Cape Would Reduce Carbon Emissions and Generate One-Tenth of the Country's Energy Needs

Populations of tropical species are plummeting and humanity’s demands on natural resources are sky-rocketing to 50% more than the earth can sustain, according to the 2010 edition of WWF’s Living Planet Report – the leading survey of the health of the earth.

The Living Planet Report, produced by WWF and its partners, shows that humanity’s demands still outstrip the world’s natural resources – a trend likely to worsen, unless leading countries begin to provide the highest quality of life with the lowest ecological demand. chinadialogue looks inside the 2...
"We don't really grasp the scale of the problem we're facing," Gates tells me in his office overlooking Lake Washington in Seattle. "The right goal is not to cut our carbon emissions in half. The right goal is zero."
WorldChanging Ally Dale Carrico suggests that we make Monty Burns, of The Simpsons, the face of geo-engineering on his blog Amor Mundi.

72 Hour Urban Action was a real-time/crunch-time architecture competition that took place in a town near Tel Aviv, Israel as part of the Bat Yam Landscape Urbanism Biennale.

The competition was unique among the hundreds of architecture competitions that take place each year: it demonstrated how much could be done to improve public space in an incredibly short amount of time and with a very limited budget.