Many thanks to Erin Smith and the students in the vet tech students at Stautzenberger College for administering vaccines, rabies shots, and dewormers to the horses at Woven Dreams Horse Farm, today. It is always an enjoyable experience when we have you out. (On another note, I think it is becoming quite apparent that Tawnie is pregnant. The baby should be due in early to mid May.)

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February 13
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Karyn L Shirley shared Tom & Bill Dorrance, Horsemen's photo to the group: Purple Sage Equine.

I have oft been accused of doing "needless" groundwork, many have said "oh hell, just get on 'em & get to riding". Too many people want to get a horse tired ph...ysically before they will get the horse tuned into them mentally.

A tired horse will eventually recover and not change much. When you change the horse mentally, THAT is when the real changes start to stick with the horse.

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Tom & Bill Dorrance, Horsemen

“It’s the control of the feet through the mind that a person [should be] after. If you’ve missed that on the ground, [from] the start, why you’ve missed the par...t that means the most to the horse. The person should be focused on getting the best possible connection with the horse on the ground - through feel - if they want to have those parts of the horse available to them when they ride." - Bill Dorrance.

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