Now its time to tinker with these new vocal processors. It'd be really cool to get a real guitarist over to test new tones, and maybe even record....

Merry Christmas, close friends say they haven't heard xXRx... I gave in and updated soundcloud. The entire 2 chapters of 333 are there(sells elsewhere for $24, but I get dick on percent anyways). Also demos of what ive been messing with, which is very not finished.

Listen to xXRx | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.

New gear, new approach, tons of new sounds, just looking for the tone of the next several songs.

Going from zero 303, to two virtual 303... Big upgrade. Now to just update controllers.

Starting some new track bones, using a lot of new tools and a different process.

A bit of new gear, I'm rather certain it's going to change the soundscape and process of writing.

Writing and building says for the next xXRx shows.

Expect a couple of free tracks as soon as I can decide what to give away. Work on the videos has begun, they may just be repetitive animations so I can squeeze a few songs into each.

For now grab the always free mix album Death Comes Autumn:

Shared with Dropbox

Promise a couple free songs this weekend. I want to make videos of all the unreleased but it's very time comsuming

From an interview with gristmill studios on Xenominer, a game for Xbox and pc:

"A game’s soundtrack can make or break a game, tell us how you selected yours. Did you produce in house, team up with a music producer or simply purchase royalty free music?

Jesse: We started out with royalty-free since we don’t have a music producer on our team. Then we had a good break when, in the meantime, I was working on the art for xXRx’s new record, 333ch2. They have a dark, electro-industrial style that really fit in with the mood of XenoMiner. Lucid Darqly from xXRx had always wanted to score a game, so when I asked him about writing some music for XenoMiner he said yes immediately. He wrote some new tracks to use in the general game play, along with letting us use xXRx’s song Wraith Dream on the title screen."

Expect free music soon. Not just YouTube videos but free mp3 downloads... Because after the past few years in the "industry", I just don't care, take it and run. F#ck labels.

Are you ready? And by that I mean are you fucking ready?!? Not only is xXRx about to kick into high gear, but you hear it first darqpress is back, which means shows, promotions and videos.

I had no idea how many views we've had... Just noticed another video has over 26,000 views. Time to get busy.

I'd also like to thank everyone, just those few new likes every time I check Facebook, over 300 page views every week. I hope you're all enjoying what you see. Maybe its time for a fun contest for some free tracks. Stay tuned, as we prepare for the studio, and talks of our live setup to start once again touring and hopefully bring a one of a kind stage experience.

Wait what?!? Tonight we had three xXRx members in the same room at the same time. What's that mean? It means the music is about to blow up.
Pr0 ( Chad Sims )and the newly joined Nathan came to chill and talk shop. Later this week, some session work, to design the tone of the next tracks and album.
While it shouldn't seem rare to have a few of us together at once... Realize our members live all over the country.... Missouri, California, Florida, New Orleans, we're everywhere, and work online often.
I have no doubt that as we form this new sound, it will be huge and very progressive. Everyone welcome Nathan to the fold.