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Princess Abiathar Etiko
· October 9, 2016
A ministry With the Truth.
Yahweh is his Name,
Yahshua is his sons name, ...
Saturday is the Sabbath Day,
feast in the Bible are celebrated not on man's assumptions.
Lovely people(big Family) to be with.
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Solomon Ademola
September 23, 2011
Visit Yahweh's People Assemblies, leave notes, comments, admonitions, prayer requests, be a blessing as I know you will be blessed when you vist. Let us join our hands together to lift up the Name of ...our Heavenly Father See More
Malakim Yahyakim Obadyah
June 15, 2012
Are you Guys Talking About Yahweh's Laws?
Olubunmi Elizabeth Olasunkanmi

Put a frog into a vessel fill with water and start heating the water.
As the temperature of the water begins to rise, the frog adjust its body temperature accor...dingly.
The frog keeps adjusting its body temperature with the increasing temperature of the water. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog cannot adjust anymore. At this point the frog decides to jump out.
The frog tries to jump but it is unable to do so because it has lost all its strength in adjusting with the rising water temperature.
Very soon the frog dies.
What killed the frog?
Think about it!
I know many of us will say the boiling water. But the truth about what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when to jump out.
We all need to adjust with people & situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust & when we need to move on. There are times when we need to face the situation and take appropriate actions.
If we allow people to exploit us
physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or mentally they will continue to do so.
Let us decide when to jump!
Let's jump while we still have the strength. Have a lovely weekend

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#Read...#Research the contents of this video such as "EMPEROR CONSTANTINE AND THE COUNCIL OF NICAEA" and also Research "THE COUNCIL ...OF LAODICEA". #Research the papal bull called the "DUM DIVERSAS" written by Pope Nicholas V in 1452 to conquer lands such as Africa and to put muslims and non-Christian in perpetual servitude/slavery. #Research a papal bull called ROMANUS PONTIFEX and INTER CAETERA written by Pope Alexander VI to extend conquering and puttin the indigenous people of the Africa, Americas, Islands of the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Philippines and Australia into perpetual servitude(slavery). Research "Philippine Aboriginal" and "Australian Aboriginal"<-- google it and click on images to see who they are...hint: they are black. If you don't know the meaning of the word "aboriginal", look it up. The Dum Diversas that Pope Nicolas V wrote also gave permission to perpetually enslave the Indigenous People of the lands that was conquered...all in the name of Christianity". For extra credit, #research "Scramble for Africa" The Berlin Conference of 1884. #Research Pope Innocent VIII, who in 1488 received a gift of 100 Black African Moors(Islamic Arabs) as slaves from King Ferdinand of Spain after he defeated the Moors. King Ferdinand is the husband of Queen Isabella, who financed Christopher Columbus pilgrimage to the new world called the Americas and America was named after Amerigo Vespucci. p.s. Pope Innocent VIII is Pope Nicholas V half brother. #Research "when the Moors ruled Spain"<--google "Original Moors" and "Moorish Coat of Arms" and click on images to see the true identity and the original Moors(Arab muslims). #Google "Holy Week Festival in Spain" then click images to see where the K.K.K. got it's custume idea from. #Reseach "The Spanish Inquisition".<--this happened after the Moors were defeated. #Research the first Slave Ship to reach the British Colonies of North America, Jamestown, Virginia was called "Jesus of Lubeck" aka Good Ship Jesus. #Research Jamestown, was named after King James, as in, "King James Bible". #Research King James' authorization to tranlate the bible from it's original Hebrew text into english in 1611.<--this is why the bible have Greek/Roman names instead of Hebrew names. #Research the "origin of the Cross" then look up "STAUROS" then re-read Acts 5:30-31, Deuteronomy 21:22-23, Galatians 3:13, Leviticus 18:2-3 and lastly, re-read Exodus 20:4-5. #Research "the origin Christmas" and it's Roman pagan connection to the planet Saturn and the "Winter Solstice"<-- Saturnalia. #Reseach the "origin of the Christmas Tree" then re-read Jeremiah 10:1-4. #Research the "origin of Easter" and it's pagan connection to the Baylonian fertility goddesss "Ishtar"<--you celebrate these pagan holiday traditions for the kids sake, right? smh. Look up "CRETIN" in the dictionary and read how the word Christian derived from it. #Research the letter "J" ...the letter "J" was inserted in the alphabet 1500 years after so called (J)esus was born. #Research the Hebrew name for Jesus. #Research the "BULLS OF DONATION" and Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander VI and the use of his son to model for the painting of Jesus to used as the god savior to subdue indigenous people of Americas, then read Exodus 20:4-5. ****#Research the Hebrew name for God...if your research comes up with YHWH which means Yahweh, then read 2 Chronicles 7:14, then click on this website, type in "YAH" in the Afican name search bar to see all the African slaves that were called by YAHweh's will notice Yah is within their names.**** Read Deuteronomy 28:63-67 then read again 2 Chronicles 7:14. ...don't just watch the video #research every subject that's mentioned in this video and this post article. Who is this MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATION OF THE EARTH that Rev. 17:5 speaks of? This should be the beginning to your quest for truth.... My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

P.S. After researching the contents in this video and post article, click the link below to view the next video

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Calling all Shabbat keeping brothers and sisters in the State of Osun to contact Dr Solomon Ademola for a very important prophetic message at 4 Oke Aiyepe Ilesha Road, (Co-operative building Osogbo. 08063510520. Shalom.

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Shalom Aleichem
Calling all African American Yahweh's People, if you are an African American and you observe the Torah and believe in Yahweh and you desire to move back to Africa, Nigeria in particular. This is your opportunity. Yahweh's Peoples Assemblies introduce ADOPT A FAMILY IN NIGERIA, AFRICA. We will match you with a willing member of Yahweh's family that will adopt you, accept you, embrace you and make you one of their own. We will make the transition very easy, wi...ll assist with all the documentation and travel documents and will pick you up at the airport in Nigeria, and assist you in settling down comfortably in Nigeria. As Africa is the real Yisrael, we will be more than happy to welcome you back home. Interested individuals or families can leave their names and contact numbers as you comment on this posting and we will contact you with further information. Shalom

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Shalom Aleichem family and friends, HalleluYahweh the Unity Conference 2015 is over but we are still basking in the Glory and the unique communion the Ruach Ha Quodesh enabled us to share and enjoyed during the conference. We give Him all the Glory. We are on the move, we have placed our hands on the plow there is no looking back for us. We miss our brothers from the 2014 but we know that you were with us in the Spirit and we still want you to continue with your work as field... coordinator. To all of you that promised to attend but unable to, we know that you really want to attend but Yah understand, hopefully 2016 will be different. Unity conference 2016 is set for March 11th 12th and 13th so save those days and plan to attend. Once more we thank our heavenly Father for a successful conference and we thank all that He has used to make it possible, I will not mention names but our heavenly Father know all of you and will reward you abundantly. Be on the lookout for our web site soon. Shalom aleichem

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Shalom Aleichem family and friends the month of March is finally here, that means Unity Conference 2015 is upon us. The dates are March 13th, 14th and 15th right here in Oshogbo. I said it before and I will say it here again that every year I watched as people travelled from all over the world to come and celebrate Osun river created by the Most High without minding the cost, the time, the danger nor the distance to show their love and devotion to a goddess an idol. Well now we are calling on all Yisrael, Children of the Most High to come and honour our Heavenly Father and plan how to promote His will, intents and purposes for creating this world. Will you come. We are waiting for you. Remember if you don't nobody else will! Shalom

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Be set apart from this world is with T'nasha Ramdhanie and 2 others.

If you go to an Assembly or a Congregation and you study the scriptures people always want to say "What Religion are you?” People have no concept of what a tru...e relationship is with our Father and Dear Messiah. They always have to put it into a Religion. My relationship has no room for a religion. Religions are middle men to the Father and Son. I will have no Middle man in my life! The scriptures are the rules and regulations to be in covenant with them. They are the constitutional Treaty that we either accept 100% of or we don't. There is no picking and choosing what parts of the constitution we want to keep as the world wants to do. There are no negotiations to be done here. This is not the UN. It is as it is written. If people really understood what it was they would stop trying to say this and that was done away with. They would stop trying to say that Sha'ul was speaking against the Torah when he was speaking against the Talmud’s of the Pharisees and other sects of Judaism of that time. Take it or leave it people there is no in-between!

Much love and Shalom to all of you, Brother Jay

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The world's best kept secret

Churches Worldwide are filled with Modernists! and Self Righteous Christians, and as they have been left unchallenged, the Church has degenerated to grieving the Holy Spirit by not being Scriptural believers. How do we discern which is which or better still how do you know which one are you?.


(1) The modernists reject all Scriptural mandate for living, they dont want laws, rules and barriers, They preffer their good intentions over the obvious commands of Yahweh's words for holiness. A modernists prefers ideology over theology. They are motivated by toleration, not separation.


(2) The self righteous is rooted in an insecure approach to life, their main concern is with external matters and manners, they put a great emphasis on physical programs and church activities not suported by the Torah 'Scriptures' agaist being spiritually grounded and active. Their cause is reformation not transformation. They find it very difficult to excise forgiveness, they do not even understand the Person and Purpose of The 'Machiach' Christ.


(3) A Scriptural believer is one who is fervent for sound Scriptural teaching and exemplifies Holy living that is motivated and cultivated by the Grace of Yahweh (Titus 2:11&12)


Yahweh's Grace could never produce a Modernist nor a Self righteous Christians. It can only produce Holiness and Humility the whole teaching of Christ, whom we proffess we are following!!. Are you really a Believer?


The Good news is that you can change today and become a real follower of Yahshua "A Scriptural believer and doer of the Torah. Shalom.

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Be set apart from this world

I hate titles. I am an ordained minister/elder, but I tell everyone to just call me Brother Jay. You don't see any example in scripture of people going around a...s they do today calling each other elder this and pastor that. We are all brothers and sisters. Most importantly we are all servants! Those in ministry should remember this!!

Much Love and Shalom to you, Brother Jay

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