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Laura Jennings Barber
· May 1, 2017
Yellowstone is one of our favorite parks. We have visited it during the summer 3 times and even went on w Wolf Watch there. Every time we go we are in awe of th...e power and beauty of nature...Then, for the first time ever we did Yellowstone in the Winter! It was cold with a lot of snow and one of the most beautiful places ! Snow shoeing through the trees laden with snow and the peace of the area was like being in a cathedral. I envy those who live close by...It is heaven on earth! See More
Dorothy Elayne Graham
· June 7, 2017
I have only been to Yellowstone National Park once, for three days, and having been to many other National Parks, and living just a couple of miles from the National Park, I have to admit that Yellowstone is my favorite! The scenery, the wildlife, Old Faithful all took my breath away!! I hope to get back someday! Thank you! See More
Dorothy Gehgan-heim
· October 13, 2017
It's always a special, amazing place to experience. anytime of the year. Spring, April is still snowy but places are accessible as long as snow doesn't get too ...heavy. Not many visitors, so Park is all to yourself. Seeing it with just nature and wild animals, keeping warm near to hot springs or resting on walk ways. More animals like bison closer to hot springs, near roads and walking trails. The icy waterfalls, eerie skies with mist and white light through low ceiling clouds and mist and snow falling. The Monmouth Hot Springs, Travertine terraces with elk and buffalo on walk ways, the sights sounds of raw nature. Ravens hopping around in empty parking areas leaving tracks in the snow. The sounds of wolves in the distance. The hope of seeing a moose or a wolf or bear in the distance. The beauty of it all. Just breath taking and powerful as something everlasting through ages. Hopefully we can protect and keep it this way forever. See More
Julie Hall
· June 7, 2017
The Yellowstone ecosystem is a planetary gem that I'm proud to volunteer for and keep coming back to. The animal diversity and geology are like nowhere else. Af...ter seeing it in summer, fall, and winter, I'm finally completing the seasonal cycle being here this spring, with new babies being born each day. With an administration denying climate change and removing environmental protections and funding, Yellowstone needs citizen support more than ever. See More
Kim McKnight Bollen
· June 7, 2017
My first time in Yellowstone was on a backpacking trip, I was in the backpack! It captured my heart then, and holds it still. I have been able to share trips to the park with my children and so far one trip with four of my grandchildren. It truly is a treasure!
Jennifer Belew
· June 9, 2017
We had an amazing wildlife watching tour – our guide took us to a wolf den and we got to watch the wolves through the scopes. She also so took us to some great other spots for wildlife watching. Very knowledgeable guide – highly recommend!
Jackie Tirpak
· September 1, 2017
Love this park- my cousin and I just got back from a trip there (first time for both of us) and it was beautiful no matter where you are or where you looked.
Nancy Skiff
· May 4, 2017
Yellowstone is a magical Place. So much to see and do. I spent a week there several years ago. I saw my first Gray Owl, Ohs Faithful, watched the wolves, elk, d...eer, Bison. We hiked, swam in the cold water, watched the sun come up over the mins. every morning, biked. I loved it all. Aplace to renew your spirits. Nancy Skiff See More
Jacques Tassignon
· June 7, 2017
I'm from Belgium, In 2 months i will visit the USA for the 15th time and Yellowstone for the 6th time. Always fantastic, always surprising. Walking at sunrise,... spotting at sunset, looking at the Milkyway and hooping to see Polar Light. So, it's obvious, there is only one problem with Yellowstone : we nearly sleep there, are always exhausted after this ,,holiday". We always say ,,sleeping is for after the vacation". Counting down, only - 57 days, see you soon !!! See More
Curt Welk
· June 8, 2017
I love Yellowstone Park! I worked there in the summer of 1978 and it is my favorite place in the world! My family loves it also and we can't wait to return.
Linda Stewart
· June 7, 2017
Yellowstone is so awe-inspiring that there are really no good words to describe it. I've been there in winter, spring, summer, and fall and can't pick my favor...ite time. The wildlife I have seen is truly amazing. The beauty is spectacular. I realize how blessed I am to have been able to experience it. See More
Pat Smith
· September 20, 2017
Yellowstone is a beautiful place! The mountains and valley are amazing!! Seeing the wildlife in their nature habitat is a truly unforgetable experience.
Joe Scott
· June 12, 2017
Most beautiful place on earth. I was born in Livingston Montana,50 miles from the north gate of yellowstone.It's a n amazing place to vist or live . One of the last natural parks we have left
Michael Harrison
· September 11, 2017
Yellowstone is absolutely beautiful and we need to keep it that way donate what you can to the national parks!!!
Jan Van Coile
· August 6, 2017
Was at Yellowstone a fortnight ago. One word : amazing !
Our second trip even better than in 2013. Were very lucky and spotted eagles, coyote, wolves, grizzly and black bears, elk, Buffalo etc. Also hiking Canyon and Mammoth was great.
Cathi Horst Sanchez
· April 2, 2017
My sister and her family in Spokane and my family in Omaha would drive to Yellowstone during Memorial Day weekend and rent a cabin together. We had a blast. It is an experience that everyone needs to have. A truly magical place!!
Chris Lowery
· January 27, 2017
First visited Yellowstone when I was 13 and, if anything it's even more magical now, but due to it's ever-growing popularity, it's even more in need of environm...ental protection (whether it be from tourists, pollution, global warming, or other on-going adverse outside threats). Please let's all do as much as we can to preserve this great national treasure. See More
David Jones
· July 14, 2017
I lived and worked there for 6 summers and lived in Wyoming and Montana for 12 years. We visited often . YNP is the best place on earth .
Gramme Ehler
· May 22, 2017
Barbara and I were just talking about Yellowstone yesterday. We both want to take a trip there on day in the near future. Love all the wonderful photos you have posted.
Susan Bond
· May 30, 2017
Only been to Yellowstone once but it left a permanent mark on my heart and soul. This page will keep those memories alive.

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Two park icons stand tall at Yellowstone National Park's North Entrance.

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