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Pay rates, devolution and walks - Theresa May on Look North giving answers about UK to questions about Yorkshire:

"Would Yorkshire really devolve?"

Jericho Online asks our Chair, Nigel Sollitt and former Vice-Chair, now Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold:

Yorkshire is the only English county where at any sporting or music event, and even sometimes just out in the streets, you will hear that chant uniting one and all: “Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!” God’s Own County, it is regularly dubbed. Despite its vast size, demographic and geographical differ...

Our letter to Leaders of 'Coalition of the Willing' and response from Mayor of Doncaster:

News item titled 'Correspondence with the council leaders' from Yorkshire Devolution Movement

Devolution plans gather pace for Yorkshire 'nation':

Momentum is building for the Yorkshire Devolution plan, which would see the region become a 'country within a country' and grant it specific powers. It currently has backing from 17 council leaders.

'White Rose or White Flag'- Sheffield councillor, Rob Murphy's powerful speech for One-Yorkshire devolution:

Rob Murphy

Here's my contribution to last week's council debate on devolution. White Rose or white flag? Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats chose the white flag...

Lord... mayor.
The question before us today is simple. Do we go forward or do we go back?
Do we go into future devolution negotiations with a white rose or a white flag?
We could go back, back to the Coalition of the Unwilling.
Back to the ignored referendum, the meaningless consultations and the bickering fiefdoms.
Back to an region built around numbers not around people.
We could go back to Government and beg for the £900 million turned down.

But let me ask you, do folk look down from Yorkshire's hills onto the great industrial cities, the mill towns and pit villages, do they look into the stunning dales and say 'I love this city region. God's own city region.'? No. Of course they don't.
Council, we need to go forward. Forward to a bold Yorkshire, bound together with a common purpose, a common spirit and a common identity. Big enough to stand up for itself alongside the real devolved powers of London, Scotland and Wales. Can the people of Yorkshire say there are powers we believe we can execute better than the officers in Whitehall. Yes, we can.

Every month we hear in this chamber how Sheffield gets a bad deal from government, how everything is Westminster's fault.
So does this Council want to remain as the big fish in an ever decreasing pool or will it take this opportunity?
Here is our chance to join with 17 out of 20 Yorkshire councils.
To really stand up to Government, to demand what we need and to give Yorkshire to it's people.

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We've received the following message from Thom Harrison. Please sign his petition for Yorkshire to have similar model of devolution to Wales:

"Hi guys. Just wanted to drop off a link to a devolution petition on Parliament's Petition site. I'm hoping to get it shared around to really see how many Yorkshirefolk are willing to sign it. It's unlikely to pass, but if we get 10K signatures Parliament is duty-bound to give a statement, which will nonetheless boost attention on Yorkshire devolution. Cheers, Thom from Wakefield.

We, the undersigned, call upon HM Government to create a devolved legislative and executive body representing the traditional county of Yorkshire which will have powers equal to that of the Welsh Assembly, overseeing local matters such as housing; the environment; health services and flood defences.

"give your full support to this One-Yorkshire devolution initiative" - our open letter to the Prime Minister:

Say NO to 'Leeds City Region Combined Authority' and help overturn the erosion of Yorkshire's boundaries and the identity of Yorkshire people. Click image below and sign the petition:

Campaign tips There are thousands of campaigns running on Campaigns by You right now. Over the years we've learnt a lot about how to word your petition, how to grow your campaign and how to...


As Chesterfield pull out of a referendum on joining the Sheffield City Region, former Vice Chair of Yorkshire Devolution Movement and now Leader of Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold has said:

"Chesterfield's decision to withdraw from this sham devolution deal is long overdue. The 'Sheffield City Region' will do nothing to help Yorkshire's economy grow, our schools improve, or ...our infrastructure better cope with the demands placed on it. The 'Sheffield City Region' idea, promoted so strongly by the Labour Leaders of South Yorkshire's Councils, was nothing more than a shallow attempt to divide Yorkshire and strengthen the Labour Party's control over South Yorkshire. It's time for Labour in South Yorkshire to realise the game is up. It's time for Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster Councils to get back around the table with the rest of Yorkshire and work towards real devolution which benefits our whole region."

We fully endorse Mr Arnold's view here; it stands to reason that whilst a Sheffield City Region deal would provide no powers to resolve Yorkshirewide issues, a Yorkshirewide deal would benefit all Yorkshire, including Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

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Where the parties stand on devolution to Yorkshire:


The Parties' Manifestos on Devolution and How They Relate to Yorkshire:

News item titled 'Manifestos on Devolution' from Yorkshire Devolution Movement

YDM Chairman in Yorkshire Post on short sightedness of City Region advocates:

TIME and time again, proponents of city regions argue that devolution is all about economy and that the geography for devolution should be determined only by their perception of ‘economic footprint’.


The parties' manifestos on devolution and how they relate to Yorkshire:

So far: Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservative

News item titled 'Manifestos on Devolution' from Yorkshire Devolution Movement

The parties' manifestos on devolution and how they relate to Yorkshire. So far, Labour and Liberal Democrts:

News item titled 'Manifestos on Devolution' from Yorkshire Devolution Movement

What the parties' manifestos on devolution mean to Yorkshire.

Today: The Labour Party:

News item titled 'Manifestos on Devolution' from Yorkshire Devolution Movement

Pay rates, devolution and walks - Theresa May on Look North giving answers about UK to questions about Yorkshire:

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