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i see that facebook is still up to their crap, fuck you facebook!

help a brother out.

Hello I am Enrique Marrufo II, you may if you wish call me Chacho. I am currently attending Ivy Tech Community Collage of Indiana. My field of study is Computer Science. I am trying to raise money to continue my education passed the associates degree Ivy Tech offers. I am currently receiving pell...

Have you seen the one that say this person has to many friends lol.

February 5th is becoming Inmates of America day. To help show support for those locked up plz ware this badge. This will show all family members of Inmates of America that we have not forgotten them.

Support 'Inmates of America'; Add this PicBadge to your profile picture at!

OK everyone out there in blocked land, am starting a new random name selector in order for us all to add. This weeks name is Kristy Hostetler.

Everyone please add Armando Marrufo II as your friends. Remember to suggest this page to friends and suggest friends to each other. ONWARD to 5,000 amigos!

Share Chains everyone click share on this if you ever been blocked from adding friends.

Has any one seen the newest bullshit facebook has started?

If you send a request to a stranger, it will be considered spam and your friend request will be blocked temporarily. Please only send this request if you know (name)

please take the time to look to the top left under the profile picture
of this page you will see Suggest to Friends. Make sure to add all of
your friends in order for them to LIKE this page as well! Thank you for
your time!

If you been blocked from adding new friends this page is made for you!!!!

I was blocked from adding new friends WTF is that about. I was allowed to add 5 friends after two weeks but now back to being blocked. This is really stupid geez facebook good one.

I have just been blocked again for trying to add 3 friends and blocked before i even got the 3rd friend added. these are the first 3 ppl i have tried to add since 6/14 and didnt even get a warning! Bull Crap Facebook, Just Bull Crap

Add this guys hes the coolest!!! And has been blocked from adding new friends and sending messages to ask for new friends. What type of anti-social networking site is this.

Blocked from sending messages wtf is that about Facebook your worse than Russia.