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Which pain drug is the top-selling med in the United States? Find out

Many Americans take prescription drugs to treat arthritis and other pain conditions, according to just-released data on the top-selling and biggest...

4 potential causes of fibromyalgia

While there is a lot of ongoing speculation about what triggers fibromyalgia, its causes have yet to be definitively identified and confirmed.

Dagnabit! Find out why swearing can help ease pain

Letting those curse words fly is a natural response to stubbing a toe or banging your head, although it may not be socially acceptable.

Who needs the gym? Try these 8 affordable at-home workout ideas

Many people think of expensive trainers and gyms when they think of fitness, but you can get an effective workout in the comfort of your own home.

How journaling can help you fight chronic pain

Keeping a pain diary may sound like an unwanted chore, especially if you're living with chronic pain. But it can be a crucial tool in your pain...

Using painkillers too often for migraines could result in rebound headaches. Find out how to prevent them

Using pain relievers too often for your headaches or migraines can actually cause a boomerang effect called a rebound headache.

Married at 100? Bodybuilding at 74? Meet the 10 super seniors we admire most!

Breaking the Age Barrier - Senior citizens are having a moment.

If you're thinking of trying an elimination diet for fibromyalgia, read this first

If your fibromyalgia worsens after you eat certain foods, your diet may be part of the problem. Discover how an elimination diet can help identify...

Half of all Americans use vitamins and/or supplements, says the CDC. Which ones are part of your health regimen?

Get the facts about choosing dietary supplements and learn about the must-take vitamins to keep your body strong and healthy at

Feeling stressed? These simple do-anywhere anxiety busters can help.

You can get a handle on stress and anxiety with several simple activities you can practice on your own.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in people with RA. Try these 10 ways to ease carpal tunnel pain

People with rheumatoid arthritis often have carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes hand and wrist pain. Try these simple pain-relieving...

Myth or fact: Popping your knuckles causes arthritis

There's a lot of information about joint pain, and not all of it is accurate. Get the facts on the lifestyle choices that affect joint health.

Kirstie Alley is doing great on Dancing With the Stars despite hip pain. Find out how she's treating it.

Kirstie Alley and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy just can't catch a break on Dancing with the Stars ..

Long hours behind the steering wheel = back pain for many. Here's our expert's advice

I've tried a lot of the suggestions on this site for back pain, and a lot of them work. I'm still in pain, however, when I drive. I use back...

Is it naptime yet? 10 ways to fight fatigue and stop feeling tired

Learn How to Fight Fatigue - If you suffer from a chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis , chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or...

A young British artist living with RA, fibromyalgia, and hip pain takes inspiration from her ordeals

Zara Carpenter, a 37-year-old British artist, relies on painkillers to relieve rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a painful hip condition.
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  • How Social Security Evaluates Chronic Pain in Disability Claims Chr...onic pain is ongoing or recurrent pain that continues longer than the usual course of acute illness or injury, or more than three to six months. Chronic pain may manifest in any area, including back pain, headaches, joint pain, or generalized muscle or nerve pain. It may be related to an injury or illness, or it may have no known cause. Can Chronic Pain Qualify You for Disability Benefits? To qualify for Social Security or SSI disability benefits, you must first show the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you have a severe “medically determinable” physical or mental impairment. This means that your impairment must be established by medical evidence that includes objective symptoms and lab tests. .The important thing is to get a diagnosis from a qualified medical professional such as a medical doctor or psychiatrist. Getting Legal Help Unless you apply for disability benefits for multiple medical impairments, chronic pain can be difficult to get disability benefits for. You will more than likely be denied benefits at the initial application stage and need to go to a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. We can help you prepare for your disability hearing so that your testimony supports your case and can cross-examine the vocational expert to rule out jobs that you can do. We can help you find one of the best attorneys in your area. Let us deal with The Social Security Administration for you. For more free resources, go to our website via the link below. See More
  • For Mental Health Week I'd like to suggest something we can do toget...her. Do a 5 minute clean/sort every hour on the hour; you simply pick your own timing. My page is helping likers everyday achieve what is initially hard to start (for some of us). See More
  • With skin cancer the most common types of cancer according to the American Cancer Society, more and more people are trying to protect their skin with sunscreen. In fact, studies have shown that almost 90% of all skin cancers can be prevented by using sunscreen. There are some facts that you need to know to protect yourself while having fun in the sun. Not fully understanding sunscreen and how it should be applied could prove fatal in many cases. Below are some of the more common mistakes people make when using sunscreen and how to avoid them. Check this out: #CommonSunscreenMistakes #ConsumersHealthBlog #WeightLoss #garciniacambogia See More