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How is Full Duplex DOCSIS technology possible over the conventional hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) network? Find answers to this and other questions in this article over at Cablefax.

Full Duplex (FDX) DOCSIS technology dramatically changes the downstream-to-upstream ratio, with the capability of offering 5 Gbps simultaneously.
Are you reacting to problems rather than handling them as part of your routine network maintenance? It’s time to get proactive with this DOCSIS proactive network maintenance tool.
DDoS attacks are on the rise and becoming more frequent. We want to ensure you can thwart off attacks on your network before they happen with this proven solution that you can learn more about at this year's NCTC Independent Show. Check us out, along with A10 Networks, in Booth #504.
Over 80% of the noise that comes in on the return path in your cable plant comes in at the customer's home or at the drop. Our #DOCSIS proactive network maintenance tool, PreEqualization Analyzer, has a feature that can weed out the potentially problematic modems that could be leaking #ingress and noise. Watch this video to see the feature in action.
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