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David Masterson
· January 27, 2016
Went to the Zack's in the food lion square at Tobacco Road/Windsor spring Rd. We ordered food that was listed as including fries. We realized as we were going to the car that we didn't get any fries. ...Upon reentering and asking about the matter, we were told that we had to ask for them even though the menu item is "Bang Bang Shrimp w/Fries. She said that we weren't charged for the fries but the receipt only showed a mere 30 cent discount. To make matters worse, the cashier that we spoke to was very dismissive and short with us. The food is great here but the service kinda detracts from the experience. See More
Shelbie Mullis
· June 25, 2016
I'm an employee at Zack's. This is not our official page. We will be making a fb page later this evening with the menu and prices listed. Thank you!
Valerie Briant
· December 7, 2015
The food is amazing. Love Zack, he is the best and has very high standards for his business. Can't wait til he opens his Evans location.
Amanda Parrish
· February 25, 2016
My family and I stumbled upon Zacks by accident and I'm glad we did. They have the Best wings I have ever had, our favorite is the Spicy Peanut..they are amazing. My children love there sandwiches are also great. We need a Zacks closer to Harlem... See More
James Smith Harris
November 19, 2011
Definitely a good store to eat at, but also a good store to find great customer care. Met a lot of people i know there and i can tell they hired the right people
Kacey Wynn
· May 21, 2013
I love the choice of food items. The Honey mustard wings and seasoned fries are on the money. :)
Tiffany Marie Geeting
· February 5, 2015
I love their food!!!!!!!! The wings are super amazing!!!!!
GregJosie Hillis
· November 30, 2015
Great wing, any flavor, great service!!
James Kingmaker
June 27, 2013
Late lunch