Less than a month away!

We can hardly wait to see you there.

Remember, ZeroLandfill's hard working volunteers get first dibs.

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Now is the time to volunteer.

Shifts are filling up.

Every shift is a good one.


ZeroLandfill never knows what donors are gifting us with.

Monday's first shift will start with pre-weighed pallets from The Mart's designer showrooms. Sign up for this premium shift and others below.

Come by yourself, or grab a friend or more. We look forward to seeing you.

**You do not need to register or keep a password to use SignUp**

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ZeroLandfill Chicago's best friend Envision Unlimited is currently looking for empty/dry paint cans. We'll take gallon sized or smaller for these cute mosaic projects.

If you have any, please bring them in on donation or pick up day.

Thank You

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sign up now
There are still slots open.

The Mart and Window Coverings Association of America have already collected over 12 pallets of donations.


The average weight of boxes that come in are in the 30 to 45 pound range.

Due to the weight of donations, ZeroLandfill prefers that volunteers be of High School age or older.

ZeroLandfill understands getting youth involved in community and ecoconscoius programs like ours. We do ask that if you have a child that would like to volunteer with us that they have an adult chaperone with them during their entire shift.

Here is a description of a typical volunteer experience.

You sign up for a shift or shifts through the link attached to this announcement.

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to: put your belongings in the designated volunteer zone, get signed in, and briefed for the day.

Please, bring a refillable water bottle with. Snacks will be provided, however, shareable noshes are always appreciated.

Wear work clothes and shoes. Think moving day gear.

Long sleeves and pants, gym shoes or work boots, work apron, something to open boxes and cut cellophane, work gloves with grip to them.

ZeroLandfill has some of these items, however, being ready to rock and roll gets you a ROCKSTAR status.

We all want the drop off days to go off without a hitch. To do this we need to work well together.

When a donation comes in, all work on the floor comes to a halt. The donation gets loaded into carts or onto pallets. The donor fills out a sheet to match with their donation. A picture is taken with the donor and their items.

The donation is brought into the building to be weighed. All donations are weighed before distribution onto the floor.

Once all donated items are weighed and distributed into zones they get sorted.

Sorting is the best part of the day. Volunteers take like items and make them "shoppable" for educators and artists.

Specialty items are put to the side in a CPS ID area to make sure they get in the hands of educators.

This is also the time when you cull things out for yourself and others while sorting.

All of our volunteers have specific items they are hoping to find; and it helps when we pull items for everybody involved. It usually works by keeping a box near you as you go.

We ask that you not pack your items to go until after your volunteer shift has been completed.

Make sure you have enough room to take your goodies home. Remember, you can always return what you don't use the next time you volunteer with ZeroLandfill.

Envision Unlimited 1801 N. Spaulding Avenue

1) Click this link to see our SignUp on SignUpcom:
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp

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ZeroLandfill would not be able to have events without a host.

Envision Unlimited Westtown Center is once again opening their doors and hosting both our 2018 events.

Envision Unlimited Westtown Center runs an Arts Studio Program built on the concept that artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities can maintain a disciplined practice in a community setting. It provides the artists with opportunities to exhibit and sell their work, receiving both recognition and fin...ancial compensation. The studio holds an annual gallery showing and numerous clients are becoming working artists, with products featured and sold at trade shows, art galleries and festivals throughout the year. The program promotes artistic independence through professional art instruction. In the last few years, the program has grown substantially, spreading to seven day and employment centers. For more than a decade, the arts studio has fostered the development of social and technical skills that allow clients to more fully engage in their vocation, integrate into the community and ultimately enrich their lives. Not only has this fulfilled our mission, it has also inspired surprising new directions for both the clients and the agency.

ZeroLandfill is proud to partner with Envision Unlimited sharing space and artistic materials.

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On April 16th, Zero Waste Chicago and Shedd Aquarium hosted the event "Living Without Waste: Be a Johnson's Tips for a Zero Waste Home"; and ZeroLandfill Chicago had a table there.

We had two teams of volunteers out sharing our mission at two events on the 19th with our largest donors.

ZeroLandfill attended the Mart's EcoFair, and the Window Coverings Association of America earth day event with our host Envision Unlimited.


Sunday is Earth Day.
What are you doing to shrink your carbon foot print?

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ZeroLandfill will be very Earth Day busy today as we promote keeping usable items out of landfill.

Last year we kept over 20 tons of materials from becoming waste getting FREE arts and craft materials in the hands of educators and artists.

Today we will be at the Mart Ecofair and WCAA monthly meeting.


On the 16th we were at the Zero Waste Chicago Event's Action Expo.

There will be pictures.
And, there will be video.

One of our Sponsors has created a video for ZeroLandfill. Very excited about sharing more of our mission.

We will talk more about donors, volunteers, educators, artists, and Sponsors after Earth Day activities.

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Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd. What are you doing to honor the day?

Mann School in Oak Park is sending these home with their students to encourage zero waste.

Sturdy reusable napkins with an elastic loop.

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Green Life at Mann

Preview of what to look for in your child's backpack by the end of this week....

Donors! Our events are nothing without you. We look forward to seeing you in May.
Mart donors read the first comment to find where donation bins for ZeroLandfill can be found.
Thank You very much, it is appreciated.

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When the doors first open and the rush of visitors come in, above the hum of the crowd, you can hear the clinking of various tiles as hands and fingers rummage through them.

The song of the tiles never lasts long for they find homes quickly.

Here is a sample of the number of 3 ring binders we have kept out of landfill.

Think about what would have happened to them if the ZeroLandfill community had not stepped in.

March is coming to an end.

April will have us busy with Earth Day events; and getting ready for ZeroLandfill's May event.

We always look forward to bettering our last event, and this one is no exception.


Volunteer spots are starting to fill up. Sign up while there are more time slots to choose from.
Your hard work is rewarded with first dibs.

Donors, repeat and new, time to see what you have in your sample, craft, and office supply closets. Thinning is winning.

We will take your picture at drop off and post it with the weight of your donation on the ZeroLandfill Facebook page.
Challenge others to top your weight.

Educators, artists, and non-profits.
Mark your calendar for pick up day.
Bring something with wheels, and your own bags. We usually have boxes.

Take pictures of your creations and post them here for all to enjoy.

Thank You for all you do to help us "literally" recycle tons at each ZeroLandfill event.
Together we make a difference.

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Why make a simple paper chandelier? Make a wall paper sample chandelier, sure to be one of a kind.

See YOU in May!

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHANDELIER MADE FROM ORDINARY PAPER Subscribe to NTV TUBE: ---------------------------------------------------------...

ZeroLandfill Quilters... how about a free pattern or two for you.

The choice of free pattern changes.
Download, print out, and make your own quilted creation.

... See More
Cutting for this quilt happens even faster when you combine the AccuQuilt GO! or GO! Big with the GO! Qube Mix & Match 12 Block (55778). A playful little quilt for your favorite tyke features wood-block cards and the word “GO” in the borders.

"More than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States, and the amount has doubled over the last 20 years.
In 2014, over 16 million tons of textile waste was generated, according to the U.S. EPA. ... An average American throws away approximately 80 pounds of used clothing per person." Dec 29, 2017

Projects like the ones in these four videos will help keep items from your fabric stash from becoming waste.


AND if you find projects in these videos that you want to try, but don't have the fabric or the budget to create... come to ZeroLandfill's May event to get some free fabric and keep it out of the trash.

P.S. We also take donations.
Hint, hint, nudge, nudge...costume designers, fabric hoarders, and those that have more craft items than craft time.

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7-day free trial with Storyblocks! What do you do when you've "accidentally" hoarded a whole lot of fabric scraps,...

ZeroLandfill needs your help to make our collection of materials a success.

Volunteers help us move, organize, weigh and display donated items.

They also help us spread the word to allow as many people as possible access to the work we do.


We'd love to have you with us.

Remember, volunteers get first shot!

Do your part to reduce waste and bring a refillable water bottle. Snacks will be provided for you. Can't wait to work with you!

Envision Unlimited 1801 N. Spaulding Avenue

1) Click this link to see our SignUp on SignUpcom:
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp

See More makes it easy to coordinate school events & classroom activities, fundraisers, snack schedules, potlucks & more!

Silk dyed Easter eggs.
We've all seen the videos.

Here are some extra tips.


The silks can be used until their color goes dull. Let the fabric dry, and reuse.

You can make your eggs brighter by rubbing a little bit of vegetable or olive oil on the shell.

Porous stone and tile can be stained just like the eggs.
Lightly sand the surface to remove any form of sealants.
Soak in a 3:1 water:white vinegar solution overnight.
Take out and let dry.
When dry, wrap in silk, and wrap in cotton.
Take pan with cold water and 2 tablespoons vinegar.
Stack in your stones, or add tiles on a slant.
Boil at medium heat for 25 minutes.
Remove from water. Let dry.
Remove fabric.
Cover with clear enamel for a shiny finish.

Come visit us in May to grab silk samples.

Volunteer with us to get first dibs for all your hard work.

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No need to hack Amazon for carpet samples.
Come see us in May.
Not only great for cat furniture.
The squares stack well and are perfect for story time seating.

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Free stuff! Everybody loves free stuff don’t they? Imagine the delight of this woman, imgur user RowdyMcMenace, when she discovered a feature on Amazon that will send carpet and fabric samples free of charge, delivered to her door.