Please support Stay Wild conservation working in Sumatra to save the habitat and the Sumatran Tiger.

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Stay Wild not only does conservation in Sumatra but also helps local communities

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Team members, Bukit and Angga, teaching English in two communities living on the edge of the Gunung Leuser ecosystem, North Sumatra. Stay Wild provides free English lessons every week for these forest edge villages!

Sad to read

The fatal mauling of a Hamilton zoo keeper by a tiger three years ago was partly due to cost-cutting and understaffing, according to a WorkSafe report.

Why would anyone allow the notorious animal abusing Tiger Temple to open again after finding proof of blackmarket trading in tiger parts and serious animal abuse. So who was bribed one must ask.

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Dodo Impact

Tigers at this temple were drugged and beaten — and now it’s about to happen again.

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Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary

They say the eyes are the window to the soul.....and what a beautiful soul Mandla is. Thank you to our new staff member Sam for a gorgeous pic.

Very disturbing #lions #cats #wildlife

The RSPCA is investigating South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria, previously dubbed ‘Britain’s worst’, after it emerged a lion was fatally poisoned by contaminated meat.

Lynx family playing on a deck in Alaska #wildlife

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Tim Newton Photography

THE FAMILY OF EIGHT CAME BACK TO PLAY!!! Mama Lynx and her kittens frolic on our deck in Alaska! It's fascinating to see Mama playing as much as they are! kittens were on the deck playing with Mama, while two were in the yard roughhousing!!

(This family originally visited our deck this September, as we posted here - In this and other recent videos, we captured a return visit when they played for over the course of an hour!)

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Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy to Let's SAVE the lion at Comilla Zoo

Today I went to the comilla zoo.It breaks my heart to see the lion suffer like this.
The visiting vets from Dhaka has given treatment to Juboraz the lion with ...gun injection and medication. They have also decided not to display the lion to the public as long as it survives.
My fear is as as in a day or two when this social media and tv news hype is over juboraz will be left in the darkness as before.
Though the authorities claim that this condition of this poor lion happened because of several age-related complexities and nothing to do with malnutrition due to starvation, I find it hard to believe.
But hey! I am no expert, It doesn’t matter what I believe.Many countries in the world have a policy to euthanise ageing zoo animals to relieve those of the sufferings. But no! we also can’t do that here in Bangladesh, the mute animal just have to suffer and then die.
Keeping all my emotions aside, I have decided to continue to keep an update on Juboraz till the last day of his life.I hope juboraz gets better treatment in the last years of his life.

Thank you @safiullah Antu and @mohammad Masum for being a part of this journey.

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Two young Cheetahs Qia and Quartz arrived at Auckland Zoo this week

Two female cheetahs will be joining 12-year-old Osiris after they touched down at Auckland Airport.

New Zealand volunteers talk about their experiences at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

Up at 6.30am, feed animals, clean enclosures, prep meat. Not your average school holiday.

Serabie a lioness rescued from a canned hunt farm now at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary at play

Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but this lion sure catches on fast!|By CBS New York

Canned hunting bad for Brand SA #lions #killthetrade #wildlife #environment

DEA bought spurious claim that it creates jobs, good for conservation

Perth Zoo helping lions breed

Perth Zoo has expanded its lion exhibit to aid conservation efforts after both male lions died last year.
The exhibit will allow the zoo to start a breeding program, in order to keep some alive in captivity. The new enclosure can hold up to eight lions, and has specific facilities to accommodate the reproductive process.
This breeding program will help to ensure the species safety as numbers are dwindling. According to the United States Fish and... Wildlife Service, at current rates the African Lion will be extinct by 2050.
In 2014, the then director of the US service, Daniel Ashe, said: “The lion is one of the planet’s most beloved species and an irreplaceable part of our shared global heritage. If we want to ensure that healthy lion populations continue to roam the African savannahs and forests of India, it’s up to all of us – not just the people of Africa and India – to take action.”
The lion population is being threatened primarily from humans, who hunt and kill the animal for sport. There are a number of legal breeding camps in Africa that are dedicated to producing lions to be hunted by wealthy tourists.
ECU Daily spoke to Danielle Henry, spokesperson for Perth Zoo about the exhibit and the threat of extinction in the lion population.
She said: “There are approximately 20,000 lions left in the wild. Devastatingly, they’re extinct in 26 African countries, so zoos, like our local zoo have a major role in providing a safety-net against extinction for lions.”
Ms Henry explained that the current female, Shinyanga, was too old for reproduction, and they would have to bring in both males and females.
“Plans to bring in new lions and play a vital role in the regional breeding program have been underway for more than four years. We are currently working with the regional species coordinator (basically like a lion matchmaker) to identify the best lions to form a new pride.”
While the new exhibit will benefit the lion population by spreading awareness of their plight and breeding more lions, some groups, such as PETA, speak out against zoos, claiming they are denying the animals “everything that makes their life meaningful”.
According to Google trends, searches for Perth Zoo are increasing, with the Orangutan incident in May providing the third highest peak of the past year.
It may also be coming at a good time for the zoo, as the value of the business dropped significantly between 2016 and 2017 according to the Perth Zoo annual report.
The value of all Perth Zoo’s assets dropped by $376,281 over the financial year.
Ms Henry said: “We do hope that more people will be enticed to the Zoo to learn more about African Lions, but the primary purpose for this upgrade is to allow Perth Zoo to be able to partake once more in the regional breeding program for the species to safeguard against extinction.”

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A lovely tribute to Zion by 4The Love Of Lions

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Run free Zion, may you rest in peace.

October 1999 - October 2017

Sad news Zion passed away due to age related complications at Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary Patricia and family are saddened at Zion's loss. We've been asked to post this image with the following message:

"Craig while in Kerikeri introducing little Zion to his beloved Nana Linda who passed away on Craig's birthday 18 December 2000.
The family are very sad to hear of Zion's passing and will remember the many happy times"

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Three lion cubs born at safari park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek last month, were examined and dewormed on Monday. Caretakers also determined that all thee cubs are female, so the park was finally able to name them. The cubs were given African names - Rhaya, Nala and Sarabi, Beekse Bergen announced...