Boys just wanna have fun.
See ya on the other side!
That's one nice bridge.

Hello Fans!
We are one step closer these days (actually like 10 steps) to getting our show on TV! We have a couple more hurdles to jump, but if everything works out, we could be on air in 30 days! Things are moving face paced lately and I believe we will take things a little slower as to not miss anything.
Confidence is HIGH!

Zip Orlando Friends-

It is now official, Zip Orlando is permanently closed. The landowner sold the property to a development firm.

We wish to thank everyone who shared their vacations, memories, and family time with us. We carry many positive memories of our guests and our guides wanted to make sure everyone knew how much they appreciated getting to know you and share in your adventures.


It's been a great ride!

Zip Orlando Team-

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Hello Zip Away Fans!

We have been busy on edits for Season 2 (sort of).

We've developed an hour long Episode called "Down The Line". It features a recap of Sea...son 1 with clips and additional content not seen in Season 1-9 episodes. It's about 95% done and we are going to add some new music and sounds in from John Payne once he is off tour. By the way, John Payne is on stage now in Oklahoma performing with The Rock Pack!

Second, we have been creating some video shorts (approx. 15-20 mins. each) which are rough, vintage footage from back in the days we did technical training videos for a DVD series we had developed. This series is entitled "Zip Away - Pieces" These are being slowly launched on the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA) in the members section. They are less about the day-to-day dealings of EBL, but more focused on training, materials, and our practices for safety [our foundations]. These are also great for any current program that would like to see how a vendor trains and the detail behind the rational for what we do. Pieces E1 is completed, and Pieces E2 and E3 are about 65% done.

Regular Season 2 episodes of Zip Away! are set to be launched sometime late February, early March. All current Season 1 episodes are online at


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Hello Zip Orlando Fans,

As we reported earlier, we heard that the landowner had sold the property on which our tour is located. As such, we have been working with their attorneys for the past two weeks to attempt a buy-out of our remaining lease years. These agreement attempts actually date back to last year this time, yet had expired in August 2017. The last flurry of energy between our attorneys looked like a buy-out was eminent. However, as of 5PM today, our latest counter proposal expired without a response from the property owner. Therefore our current lease remains in effect and we are now looking to book tours for the spring 2018.

Hope to see you on the tour!

Hello Everyone,

Zip Orlando got some news late last evening. There looks to be a good chance that the land owner we lease property from is selling the land for development. We don't know for exact sure yet as this news has been hinted to for years, but nothing has ever come of the hints. Now this news out of the blue, is a little bit of a shocker.

If it does provide to be true, we'd like to thank all of you for the overwhelming support and positivity over the years. It's ...been a blast providing zip line tours in the greater Orlando area. We know that the community is behind us.

Anticipating the questions that will arise:
-The land that our farm is on is leased property and has been since we opened in 2010. The property has apparently been sold and so we must make plans to move on.

-We would like to explore options for a new location. We can build out a course at an exciting facility or about 5-10 acres of another land area. If you have ideas or contacts, please pass them forward to us!

-We would like to stay in the do plan to stay in the Central Florida/Osceola County area, but more North towards I-drive would be a better place for us.

-We are not yet sure when our last day of tours will be. We will post on the website and here on Facebook once we know.

Finally, we THANK YOU for all your support and understanding. We greatly appreciate your trust while sharing your adventure with us. We are truly blessed to have such great customers!

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Race time!

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Posted by Zip Orlando

Hello Adventure Fans -

Come see what we've been up to this fall, getting ready for the May 2018 adventure season. 600 acres of zipping and outdoor adventure p...leasure, just minutes from McCall Idaho. Pristine views of Jughandle, Twin Sisters, and Boulder Mountains. See Brundage and the Seven Devils Mountains as well. Close by yet feeling far away. Brought to you by EBL, original installers of Zip Tamarack, Zip Boise, and Horseshoe Bend. Now, Zip McCall Adventures!

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Zip McCall Adventure - McCall Idaho 208-271-1440 Zip 1 (350') Zip 2 (650') Zip 3 (550') Zip 4 (2,000') Adding Suspension Bridge, Zip 5 (1,9...

We are proud to announce that we have signed with Real Big Hits (RBH) out of (LA and NY) to promote and sell our project! RBH plans on presenting our show at t...he upcoming MIPCOM conference it Cannes, France, in October! With a projected 14,000 attendees and 4,800 worldwide buyers, we have our fingers crossed. We might get commissioned and get a real producer to help us increase our production value or I'm told these more authentic style shows are starting to gain industry traction. Wish us luck! 👍

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