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Ava Morse
· December 23, 2014
Husband is partially paralyzed on right side...he has partial use of his R leg, but nothing in his arm. We purchased a Toto and it has been excellent helping him with personal hygiene.
Robert Rocco Morosine
· October 17, 2014
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When college players make the NFL, their first luxury purchase is usually a house or a car. Will Hernandez wants a bidet.

When asked by the NFL Network what purchase he is excited to make with his first paycheck, Will Hernandez had an unusual (but very smart) answer: a fancy toilet

More and more Americans are embracing the bidet. And it's time you do to.

Since we began our mission to educate more Americans on the bidet back in 2010, we've been fortunate enough to meet thousands of new people and ask them how

Something we all do but are afraid to talk about. A new candidly-titled documentary tackles the importance of bowel movements and your health.

The film has medical doctors who discuss things like why paying attention to our bowel movements and talking to our doctors about irregularities is important

With really low temps forecasted at the 2018 Winter Olympics, all the warmed toilet seats are sure to be a hit!

The 2018 games in PyeongChang are forecasted to be the coldest in 24 years. A popular item in PyeongChang, will be all the bidet toilet seats! With the its

Some ideas for your home to start 2018 off right! A healthier lifestyle begins at home.

We have five tips for making your home a healthier place and might even help you achieve those New Year's resolutions for a healthier you. Our first suggestion

Our recent blog post on this $10,000 toilet, and how you can get one for much less, by installing a bidet seat right on to your existing toilet:…/what-a-10000-toilet-looks-li…/

There's nothing it can't do.

bidetsPLUS YouTube channel reaches 1,000,000 views! Many thanks to all our viewers! Read our celebratory blog post:…/bidetsplus-youtube-channel-r…/

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Our latest blog post with pointers on how to rejuvenate your bathroom, for a refreshed look.

The bathroom is quite possibly the hardest working room in any home. Here are five do-it-yourself ways you can update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Amazing works of art on display in Barney Smith's toilet seat art museum.

“I call the toilet seats plaques; they are places to put my art,” he said of the collection.

Have you decided it's time for your first bidet? Read our recent blog post for some helpful first-timer tips.

Experience all the benefits of owing a bidet seat and pretty soon you'll be raving about it to all your friends and relatives,

Tokyo's Narita Airport installing 147 bidet toilet seats!

CHIBA – Restrooms with sophisticated interior designs and functionality have been introduced in Narita Airport. These “design restrooms” for both men and women provide users with enough space to store their suitcases in each stall and a wider space for doing makeup. The interior de
Bidets have been in fashion for decades the world over. With their superior cleansing power, plus environmental and health benefits, what's the hold up in America?

Having a toilet which includes bidet functions, really takes your toilet to a whole new level.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Toilets For Your Home

Bathroom upgrades you can make today, which you'll appreciate when you're older.

Is it ever too early to think about aging in place, and making home improvements that will allow you to remain living in the same house well into your golden

Reason #12 to get a bidet toilet seat: They are eco-friendly.

Since bidet toilet seats use water to wash you, toilet paper is used more or drying purposes. Bidet seats can reduce your toilet paper use by 75% or more.

Bathrooms are getting more and more high-tech these days.

These smart bathroom gadgets are surprisingly useful!