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Joe Mason
· December 9, 2013
I'm a BzzAgent and love what I do! This is BzzAgent's parent company and I would say, after being involved in surveys and WOM campaigns for the last ten years or so, that BzzAgent is the best Word of... Mouth site on the Internet! Thanks for all you do! See More
Nidhish Gupta
· March 5, 2017
Everything seems Employee Friendly here... Great culture & cool environment :-)
Paul Mallabar
· July 5, 2016
Where is my fucking bonus?

Next up? My 'Dunghumby' tribute page.
Azeem Akhtar
· February 12, 2014
It's luck to have dere
Introduction to dunnhumby
dunnhumby India is 5! It all started with 2 people five years ago with a 14 page document. Over the past five years, dunnhumby India has delivered and enhanced data; delivered hundreds of communication and media events and conducted thousands of bespoke insight projects. What was once 2, is now 200. Both operationally and culturally, the team sits at the heart of dunnhumby. Here’s a creative visual depiction of dunnhumby India’s 5 year journey using hand shadow art.
Ever wondered what your colleagues' days are like in other markets? What do they eat for lunch? What's their commute like? What's their home/family like? Well, at dunnhumby we thought we'd get everyone to share a glimpse into their lives with their colleagues. For one day in January 2012, dunnhumbians filmed themselves going about their daily business, introducing us to their lives both in and outside of work. We then shared this video at the annual company meetings held around the globe. This is the video of Life in a dunnhumby Day.

Excited to be part of tomorrow’s #DataScienceFest Mainstage!

dh’s Adam Hornsby will explain how we use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and “2vec” algorithms to work with grocery retail data and understand customer preferences better.
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Talk Abstract: Neural network embeddings are often used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to model words and sentences. The unsupervised … Continue reading "Adam Hornsby"

Small retailers can’t leverage big data? This regional chain, Heinen's, disagrees. Watch how data transformed Cleveland’s iconic bank into an urban grocery destination. Watch the full video here:

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