Just want to let everyone know who has visited the site that the store IS closed for awhile anyway. I had to finish up school and have started a new job so any sewing is on the back-burner. I hope to attend some trials this fall and may possibly take some off-site orders for repeat customers, just depends on how much time I have to fill them. Check this page every so often, I do have some Arnica Massage Oil and Shampoo Bars in stock...

Thanks to everyone who emailed privately inquiring about the shop re-opening - it's open now!


okay so the summer heat in the South is NO FUN. But it has been a good time to stay indoors (in the A/C!) and work on a complete re-design of the goCoursing website! Not just a re-skin but a total new software package. The new site will have increased functionality not to mention much simpler to navigate. Look for it soon!!!

Just looked at some stats from the website and we've sold *307* sets of coursing body suits since Jun 2007 (last time I dumped the database) - !!!

getting back to the sewing machine after enjoying the family being in town for my son's HS graduation! Now if I could just figure out how to sew on the beach somewhere - this summer would be perfect!

made it home - 13+ hours seems a whole lot longer trip after being on the field all day. We enjoyed the I.I. and all the hounds came home happy, wagging tails but glad to see the sofa!! So it's back to the sewing machine for me!

We made it to Oklahoma! GOOD LUCK to all of the hounds running in this years I.I.!!! I didn't bring any blankets with me (too covered up in orders at home to make extras) but I do have Line Burn Balm and Arnica Massage Oil -I'll be clerking on the Whipp added 3 new photos to the album: Slip Leads.

custom made slip leads, gorgeous trims on a coordinating background - added 3 new photos to the album: Homeopathic Hound Care.

all natural, homeopathic, organic products to help your hound on the field and after added a new photo to the album: Homeopathic Hound Care.

Arnica Massage Oil, Line Burn Balm, and Canine Shampoo Bars

No automatic alt text available. added 8 new photos to the album: Body Suits in action.

Coursing and Racing Body Suits

All products from (exept for leather items) can be laundered in COLD water, GENTLE cycle and LINE DRY.


  • washing body suits seperately from each other, the pinks and reds especially can "bleed" for several washings before the color completely sets.

  • don't pack up WET body suits together! You might end up with tye-dye looking patches of pink and blue on your yellow blanket!
  • This question comes in to the site occasionally, so I thought I'd address it here. Why does it take "so long" to receive your order? Several reasons:


  • 99% of our products are CUSTOM made to your hounds specifications, it just isn't feasible to pre-cut and pre-sew sets of body suits for every single inch increment out there

  • is a one... person show - and I am
    picky (I like to say "particular").

  • I would LOVE to dedicate 100% of my time to ..... but.....

    • I have a "day" job (can't turn down a paycheck  these days!)

    • I have four kids - two teenagers, one 11 yr old, and one 42 year old
      kid aka husband

    • I'm attempting to finally finish my Bachelors degree @ Mercer, so add part/full-time student to the list

    • I like to occasionally go coursing and racing with my dogs!
      Haven't figured out how to drive and sew at the same time <g>.
  • I've tried to hire some sewing help in the past, but it is virtually impossible to explain the myriad of sizing differences when cutting out the body suits
    and other items.

  • Did I mention I was particular? I don't like sending something out that I personally haven't created - that way, it's my work and
    it's my responsibility if the item isn't what it's expected to be.

  • I hope this helps a little, if anything, to hopefully let my wonderful customers know that if it were up to me, I would most definitely put a top priority over everything (except , the kids) but as we all know - Murphy's Law is alive and well and most of the time life will intervene with it's own plan!


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