No new record, not now, not for awhile. No one gives a shit anyway. No pity party, just a fact. I don't precipitate in going to any shows and it does matter. So with that all said, it's probably not long before I don't give a shit either. It was really fun. So there's that. One ass at a time.

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Next grabASS release. Summer

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Thank based trap lord plack blague for letting me play this tight as fuck show. Put on your leather and sweat.

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rolling around on the floor naked drinking sour beers listening to MOIL.

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I have two copies of pubic burns left.
double mini cd release, hand painted by yours truly.
hit me up if youre interested

Finally got this put up online. one ass at a time

For all those that didn't get a tape. Here ya go.
grab ASS updated their cover photo.
May 20, 2014
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grabASS has a new split tape with kindergarten kop killer on left hand path tapes. If you book grabASS i can give them to people that come to that show. So email me with a date and a venue and we'll go from there.


Got a new noise making device while in Mexico

Well I have been working hard at my job and finally have some extra income. There for I will be sending out the grabASS boxsets very soon so get ready for that. I also will be on a tape split with kindergardenkopkiller very soon as well. then hopefully by this summer my sixth album will be finished and released by me(id rather someone else put it out but fat chance of that happening). if you want a grabASS box set please leave your addy in a message to me. thank you all and have a wonderful day. P.S. there is no charge for the boxset.

New unfinished album. hopefully will be done with it by spring.

another new track. im taking my time on this one. plus my life is kinda a shit storm right now.

Dead dickless motherfuckers of the world eat the fattest dick in the building. You fat faced retard.

Book grabASS you worthless piece of shit ma fuckers. ill play anywear anytime with anyone. don't judge and don't give a fuck

grab ASS shared a link.
Another late night jam I did high as shit not giving a fuck about what you think. I only hope you enjoy it and bang it in your loudest system