As requested - here it is! Enjoy. The Black and White Rag for Piano and Bus Station Announcer!

In my RAF uniform running the auction to help raise money for Penny Brohn UK at their Royal Wedding Tea Party event. I used to co-pilot with Prince Harry doing the EasyJet Bristol to Budapest run twice daily back in the day. Got my first medal for putting the baggage on board and my second medal for getting it off. What a wonderful day!

Run like the wind! Or a bit slower. Totally gobsmacked that as a non-runner I finished the Cheltenham 5km Parkrun in 23’52” - 4th in my age range and 116th in a field of 579 runners. Beat my previous two 5km runs in Chippenham and Bristol where my time was around 28’. So pleased that all the gym work is paying off and wanted to let my younger runner friends know there is life in the old dog yet!! (And passed some of you en route )

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Awesometremenderous time performing my new poem THE SHAPE OF MONEY for Triodos Bank AGM at the Mermaid in London - as well as poems from Green Poems for a Blue Planet. With Bevis Watts Triodos MD, Zoe Sear, Triodos Head Marketing and Communications, Jonathon Porritt CBE, Liz Zeidler Chief Executive of Happy City, James Vaccarro Head of Corporate Strategy Triodos,Jellie Banga COO Triodos Netherlands.

200th Anniversary of The Sailors’ Society at Southwark Cathedral, London.

The 12th I Will Tell International Film Festival takes place in September 2018. I am very happy and honoured to be asked to employ my story structure and screenwriting skills on the jury panel for the Best Drama Category and co-present the award at the Closing Gala ceremony in London.

The festival’s films raise awareness of global and local issues: relationships, war, poverty, violence, disenfranchisementand racism. But more importantly they also teach us of the power of fait...h, hope, forgiveness, discipline, endurance, peace, reconciliation and love.

I Will Tell’s filmmakers explore the length, breadth, depth and height of story in every facet of human activity. Whether it's in our financial and political networks, our global connections, the way we educate, what we choose to teach, the way we treat people of a different gender or race or persuasion, what is reported in the press, how we treat those who are closest to us, even how we have fun.

Photos from I Will Tell Festival 2017.

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A big thank you to Ross who runs the gym I go to - the Exercise Club - Thanks for getting me into the best shape I’ve ever been in and for helping with me with my four times a week circuit weights over the last year. It’s improved my stamina for swimming and running and my posture and frame for dancing!! Ross you’ve helped so many of us at the gym with fitness and a positive attitude and I just wanted to say thanks!!! But please don’t put up my weights tomorrow.

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Great green greetings! Getting poetry powered up rehearsing brilltastagorical and senswickedsational new verse for a performance for Triodos bank’s AGM in London on April 25th.

Triodos Bank is a global pioneer in sustainable banking, using the power of finance to support projects that benefit people and the planet. Triodos is changing the way banking is done. It believes that banking can be a powerful force for good: serving individuals and communities and helping build a movement that’s cultivating positive social, environmental and cultural change as well as building a more sustainable society.

Looking forward to performing for planet Earth again over the next two months.

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Here's a taster of some of the most extraordinary images I have been composing music for. They are from the new film Anima Animalis written, filmed and directed by one of the world's most remarkable natural history filmmakers Grzegorz Bobrowicz. The film will be released this year.A few shots of my travels with Grzegorz too. All images c.2018 Grzegorz Bobrowicz. All Rights Reserved. Cannot be used without permission.

At the Royal West of England Academy of Art with some of my fabulous friends PJ Crook and Richard Parker. What a treat! A wonderful collection of circus art.

Working with one of the world's most remarkable natural history filmmakers on a new film score.

How quickly can you say my World Water Day tongue twisters without tripping up?

Tanks and tapstands
Tapstands, tanks.
Thanks for tapstands...
Taps and tanks.

C. 2018 Martin Kiszko. All Rights Reserved.

Pete the Piper

Pete the piper piped a pipe to pipe the water flow,
A pipe to pipe the water flow Pete the piper piped.
The type of hype about the pipe that Pete the piper piped,
Was hype that Pete the piper piped out on a type of pipe!

C. 2018 Martin Kiszko. All Rights Reserved.

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'There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.'
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey.

My Ladies, Lords and Gentlefolk! I have to say thank you again to all my friends for making my 60th celebration costumed party such a memorable occasion. Looking forward to the next one!

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No business like snow business. Here's some snow fun I had sculpting a snow face.

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Snowkissed! Happy memories...

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Chemtrail Cowboys

Some say these are contrails
Exhausted by planes -
Yet if these are flight paths they’re somewhat bizarre,...
Are they alien craft en route to the stars?
At this altitude I saw not a wing,
No passenger jet on its way to Berlin,
No flying formation’s aerial display,
No clouds forming a linear array,
No performance artist signing his name,
No giant’s hand in a nought and cross game,
No farts from a great flying monster up there,
But something was certainly spraying the air.
One other thought as I watched from my door:
Chemical experiments for the theatre of war?
'Chemtrail cowboy' concoctions prepared back at the range
To attempt the reverse of climate change.
Could be a new branch of aviation
That drops crystals for weather modification.
Chemtrail cowboys at whose behest
Are you shooting your stuff o’er the wild South West?
Conspiracy tale, or could it be true?
What do YOU make of this baffling view?

c.2017 Martin Kiszko. All Rights Reserved.

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