peeps to battle!

Sorry for being MIA on here for a bit, wrapping up a 12 page sample comic, Here is a snippet of linework of a couple

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Annndddd my friend Denis Caron is a crazy person. $5 prints? Check this out, you guys like like some of these.

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The end is near! Well, for my prints at least. Until August 24, you can grab a print from $15 all the way down to $5!

Shop here:

I'...m cleaning out a lot of classic prints along with my Ballerinas to prepare for the upcoming year. Grab 'em while you can and be sure to sign up on the mailing list as well. More sudden sales could pop up... suddenly.

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Dapper Finery CROMIC!!! about my slut rooster

I have a rooster named Blue, he’s 1/3 the size of the hens, but I have to give him credit for getting beat nearly to death every day in the name of unrequited love.

Annnnnnnnd here is the final-ish

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well what the hell, I'll just ink it because most of my inking is digital now.

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Roughs of a cover for Scout

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I've also finally found a solid end for Scout, too. Better than I actually imagined it could ever be (and how closely it ties with Nerf and Motokool)

So Scout Crossing's title may be reworked since I'm realizing Finn and a couple others are major in the story. So far the new working title is "Ink". (If it stays web only, then it will obviously stay Scout Crossing)

Just a quick update to everyone, and a heads up. I've been approached by a publisher who is interested in doing a printed mini-series (12-15 issue) of Scout Crossing. While I'm normally cautious of offers like these, this is the kind of publisher you see fairly routinely in comic stores and book shops. So for the past 2.5 weeks I've been banging my face on a keyboard in Microsoft Word, writing a full issue by issue outline, and fleshing out a story I had many possible endings for (and choosing one). I should have it all wrapped up by this weekend and then can return to Nerf and Scout (finally). Sorry for the lack of updates, but wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Thank you all for reading my comics, seriously means gallons to me (MAGAICAL GALLONS)

Fresh Scout Crossing is up, it's not exactly midnight, but here is this fuckery 8 minutes early!

Goodbye blue haired girl without eyebrows, I’ll never miss drawing your fuzzy collared coat ever again Seriously, the terrible shading on that coat can go to hell… and that pizzly bear’s stomach.

Fresh Nerf This strip up! (again!!)

Get ready for some action scenes! Also, follow me on twitter if you want to see updates from my other comics, and my gushing over my chickens with horribly inappropriate names

COMIC UP! (now with screeches!)

Multiple updates this week, have a new workstation lappy that’s actually functional (and doesn’t punch my dick in my dreams). Now

Fresh Scout Crossing quomic up! (with a pinch of razzle dazzle)

Enjoy another page! In case anyone is curious as to why there is **** being sang… *cough* and *cough* (Art is a little more different than I last remember drawing those posts)

Comic! (new nerf this with a pinch of silly insanity)

COMIC!! (dapper finery) working on Nerf next

Everyday there is a fox that has a daily routine of circling my property which has 30 chickens freely frolicking about. I’ve seen him take down squirrels and chipmunks on the hills, but he hasn’t made a move on my girls yet. It might be from my constant urinating outside making fierce unwavering e...