Barf.. I mean Garth Snow suspended Nabby

D': WHAT?!!! yeah what a wuss. I'll post the link

It is confirmed. Nabby is an Islander.

But we still love him.. He'll always bleed teal!!

If SJ doesn't sign Nabby back.. Detroit .

The sound of that is unbearable.

If ya haven't already heard...

Nabby terminated his 4 year contract with Russia!!!!!

Look at those Sharks. They need Nabby!

This probably isn't news for you but Nabby is no longer playing for San Jose. However, he will continue playing for Russia as the legend we still know him as. Good-bye Nabby no one can replace you. Luongo is good but you're the best.

tonight @ 7:00 PT game 2 of round 3 is on

Game 4 today!!! Let this be the last of Detroit!!!!

“The way we play, we never give up. That's the biggest difference from last year.” -Nabby

Big Pavelski does it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Nabby saves again!!!!!!! 4-3 wings lose

Detroit from now on... Game 1 of round 2 starts Thursday at 6 p.m. PT GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Manny for his King Clancy Award!!!