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AIRPLAY! "Don't Hold Back" made the cut on In The Moog!

“#NowPlaying "Don't Hold Back" by @TheBrothersBurn closing my first 3-hr #InTheMoog Show @NCCRradio #newmusic tonight #synth #electronic”
The stars have aligned and THE MILKSHAKE BOOM have returned! This week we catch you up on why we're back, what we've been up to since April of last year, movies we've watched, and where the show is going from here. It's good to be back, y'all! Be sure to subscribe on Itunes and suggest movie titles…

EXCELLENT - The Milkshake Boom is back ya'll!!!


June 1, 2017. 9:00 am CST. The BOOM is back. Subscribe on ITunes.

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Annabel Li by The Brothers Burn, Electronica music from Austin, TX on ReverbNation
Electronica | Austin

It Ain't Art (featuring the eternally-helpful Panic Surfer) - Now on iTunes!!!

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It Ain't Art
The Brothers Burn

WHOOHOO - AWESOME pre-release review for "It Ain't Art" from Beyond the Record!!!!

Effortlessly blending psyche, electro and pop; The Brothers Burn latest release "It Ain’t Art" is unique, setting new standards and crumbling traditionalists views on music. A collection of songs so brave and without musical barriers is proving to be an album that is ethnic by nature.The tasteful el...

New pre-release track from next week's It Ain't Art -

New pre-release track from next week's "It Ain't Art"!!

Mental illness, expressed as electro-pop.

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Electronica | Austin

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Real Live Barbie by The Brothers Burn, Electronica music from Austin, TX on ReverbNation

HELP!!!?!? We've managed to blackmail the good folks at @thedelimagazine Austin, and we've been Pollerized. Go vote for your favorite band who's last name is Burn!!…/delis-artist-month-poll

It ain't art yet, but the day draws nigh...

Updates from, and about, The Brothers Burn. Their music projects and other drama.
The Brothers Burn updated their cover photo.
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It was while Isaac and Horace were busy mixing one of the tracks - not their favorite audio chore - that Isaac - in an act of passive-aggres...

Who'd a thunk it? We're number 40 on the ReverbNation Electronica charts for Austin!