This is the first track off of "Black Death", the debut cassette (that I later released officially on c.d. in 2004) from Malignant Inception- "Surviving Off Humanity".
Evil Conscience


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Cold, melancholy black metal from Germany, that crystallizes the pain of life and the sorrow of loneliness and despair into shape... Crying, epic guitars meet tortured vocals, with just the right hint of depressive black metal to make this a memorable and powerful journey through the dark and cold w

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© 2017 Official lyric video for “Black Jesus” from SAVAGE DEITY on the upcoming “Beyond The Sanctum” album. SUBSCRIBE to Savage Deity YouTube: https://www.yo...
Mortal Incubation is a single track from the upcoming ep " Epitome of Morbid " . The song denotes death as a person / entity with sheer omnipotence and utter...
Evil Conscience- "Death Is Only the Beginning" CD ep out NOW on Slaughterhouse Records!!!
Brutal and dark death metal from Thailand- "Black Candles Magnetic Doom" will be released for the first time internationally on c.d., also featured as a spli...
Triangle of Flames- My Soul Covered Under Black Blood Italian black metal from the 2007 demo, "Negrae Animae Tenebratum", never before released. Being releas...
Crushing Indian death metal, from the demolishing debut ep "Exterminated Malfeasance". Slaughterhouse Records 2013.
Technical, dark, heavy, atmospheric- pure wizardry. NonserviaM- From Penang, Malaysia. New CD "Archetype Obscure" coming April 2017 on Slaughterhouse Records...
From the album "Rage Against gODS and Their Prayers", reissued this April by Slaughterhouse Records. Brutal, sadistic black\death metal from Peru. Featuring ...