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Left Behind (The Rapture Song)

New music from Randy Bonifield.
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The Tree (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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A new video for an older song. Enjoy and share.

Lyric video for "Hallelujah" Artist: Randy Bonifield words and music by Randy Bonifield ©boogielamb music (BMI) Video footage courtesy of Videvo (https://www...

"Gorgeously shot (cinematography by Stephen Wallace Pruitt and Michael Lopez) with an inviting piano-dominant musical score by Randy Bonifeld, “The Tree” is old-fashioned moviemaking at its best."

This wistful, lovely drama treats its elderly subject straight-on with tenderness and insight. Based on the filmmaker's mother's life.

This review by Richard Propes is meaningful and delightful on many levels.

The Independent Critic offers movie reviews, interviews, film festival coverage, a short film archive and The Compassion Archive by award-winning activist and writer Richard Propes.

"The Tree is an emotional story of true friendship and kindness, with an outstanding lead actress and beautiful visuals that showcase the American Midwest. Based on the life of the director’s mother, this film is fun, heartfelt, and stunning to watch." - Reviewer, Sarah James

Couldn't agree more.

Here's a wonderful review of "The Tree" resulting from a showing at the Heartland Film Festival! Congratulations to Team Tree!

by Sarah James When walking into an independent film festival, you never know exactly what to expect. A film about an 88-year-old woman taking a road trip may not seem exciting to some, but The Tree is so much more than what meets the eye. Director Stephen Wallace Pruitt took the inspiring friendshi...

The Tree is an official selection of the Heartland Film Festival. Grateful to have been a part of this project.

A nice, little shout-out from Joicie Appell for the score of The Tree...and a much-deserved article on our leading lady!

At age 89, Joicie Appell, of Calhoun, an actress for 73 years, is still going

Very exciting news for those in Kansas City. The Tree will have a theatrical run at The Tivoli beginning Friday, July 14. Mark your calendars and go see this film!

Very excited to announce that The Tree has been booked for a run at the Tivoli in KC, and opens Friday, July 14.

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The soundtrack from The Tree (film score by Randy Bonifield) is now available exclusively through NoiseTrade.

I just got some free music from Randy Bonifield and thought you might enjoy it. You can download it here:

"The Tree" and the Kansas City FilmFest featured this morning on KCTV5 News. A very nice section on "The Tree" begins at 1:45.

Get ready for the Kansas City Film Festival! Film Critic Lonita Cook previews three of the must-see films.

Here's a trailer containing some footage (and a little bit of my score) from "The Tree." Tickets for the KC premiere are available here:

A short taste of "The Tree." Tickets are on sale now for the KC premiere, April 6 & April 8, at

Inspired by an actual friendship between the director's mother and his mother's best friend, "The Tree" is a poignant, heart-warming story about…