Fayetteville! See you tomorrow night!

Hey Fayette County! I'm coming to town to entertain you at the library. Hope to see you!

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Fayette County Public Library

We have an exciting lineup of events planned for this year's Fayette on the Page, centered on Alice Walker's "The Color Purple." Come check out a copy of the book, and don't miss the juke-joint kickoff party next week: Saturday, August 5 at 5 pm. /Sarah


It's a good deal!

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Denton Perry added an event.
May 6, 2016

Denton Perry in a rare solo appearance playing Blues, Rock and maybe some Jazz.

Thu 7:00 PM EDTFatty's PizzaMacon, GA
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The return of The Pork Brothers. Clarkston Cultural Fest April 30 Pork Bros. 12:45 - 1:15 downtown Clarkston

Sat 12:45 PM EDTClarkston, GA
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Gearing up for a trip to the big apple.

Two of my songs - "And Says Yes" and "Those Funky Blues" - were played on this episode of Madame Perry's Salon. Plus I wrote and play the theme intro "Miss E's Vacation." Also featured on this all music episode are Joe Symes and the Loving Kind ! Stevie Riks, John M Shaughnessy II Music, Veronique Chevalier, and 3dtorus.

Sharing music from previous and future guests. Denton Perry, Joe Symes & The Loving Kind, Veronique Chevalier, Stevie Riks, 3dtorus, John M Shaughnessy II, A truly eclectic set, felt a bit like college radio. Fallen Down - Joe Symes & The Loving Kind Things Get Better - Joe Symes & The Loving Kind T…

I'm here in Sin City at NAB!
Booth OE0801

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So wow. Went to visit old pal Don Moxley in Charleston. He came up with this from when I was about 18 or so.

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Westville Pub Blues Jam Tuesday night!

Just uploaded - fresh and funky for only 99cents!

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DTong Radio #Music #Blues Check out the song 'The Lights Are On' by the artist Denton Perry as well as all of his music!

DTong Sports Radio today with music from Denton Perry!

Brought to you by: 'Velicious' by Shelique Lize on Amazon 'Save The Boobies Campaign' and new music from: TigerPunch w/ 'My Pet, Hate' Yesterday's Promise w/ 'Still Burning' Melodys4u w/ 'Sensation…

My first listing on CDBaby. I hope you'll like it and buy it. Thank you!

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Tony Cochran Guitars

This new Tony Cochran electric guitar is twice jinxed! Supposedly salvaged from a 1991 house fire where a famous Rock musician perished . . . in 2001, the police came looking for . . . More pics & story at

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Bill Burchell

The Top Ten ways a musician knows he's getting older...#10) It becomes more important to find a place on stage for your fan than for your amp, #9) You have to the song because your ibuprofen fell behind the speaker, #8) All your fans have to leave by 9:30, #7) You check the tv schedule before booking a gig, #6) You need a nap before, during and after the gig, #5) The only Rolling Stones you care about are in your gallbladder, #4) You start listing your truss as a business expense, #3) The only white powder you have is on your feet, #2) You actually ask the guitar player to turn up, And The Number One... You don't recover from a Saturday night gig until Tuesday.

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