from the album Happy Accidence

cut up piece of a guitar and piano meander that i wrote on the wonky honky piano a few years ago.

cut up of an old piece i made when we had a wonky old piano at the studio. was originally gonna go on happy accidence.

open nylon beaters

Happy Accidence by sonaura Open Nylon Beaters you write letters and never ask for answers i hit nylon strings with softly spoken beaters —————————————————————————- nylon strung acoustic guitar played...

Finally here. Have a listen, download (it's free) and share around! Visuals to come cheers.

7 track album

long ago sounds... new ones to come..

Humming bird I know this journey by the bumps in the road and contours of the gear changes the swirling corners leave my heart in my mouth we’re slowing and I’m fasting we’re slowing down I’m slowing...

free track from the forthcoming (and way overdue!) mini-album, happy accidence.


from the album Happy Accidence

your small visits
pins and needles in my arm
blink and you’ve missed it
wouldn’t be so bad
you arrive and i drop everything...
but nothing falls into place

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i am but moondust still and silent. longing for gravity, for the wind to brush me aside into being.

PALMS from the lights behind us..2004

from 'the lights behind us' ep 2004

new sonaural


new sonaural

from my first ep ' the lights behind us' - 2005. 4 track cassette, kaoss pad, crappy keyboard.

new sonaural

from 'Somnambulance' 2007