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This is very exciting news!!!!

The University of Minnesota's Center for Early Education and Development has been awarded $1 million grant that will be used to establish a center devoted to reflective practice in infant and early childhood mental health. Congratulations!

has received a $1 million grant from the Lynne & Andrew Redleaf Foundation to establish a center that will focus on reflective practice in infant and early childhood mental health.

"A recent study ... suggests that positive father-infant interactions beginning as early as 3 months can impact cognitive abilities at 2 years." The relationship between father and child has a deep impact on all aspects of children’s healthy functioning. Learn more here:

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Studies that have focused on the impact of father-child interactions on children’s cognitive development generally show that supportive, sensitive, and stimulating interactions boost cognitive development; however, findings are mixed and differences in methodologies and samples make comparisons diff...

Dear PA-AIMH members,

PA-AIMH is part of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health. The Alliance is a global organization that includes those states and countries whose infant mental health associations have licensed the use of the Competency Guidelines® and/or Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health® under their associations’ names.

The mission of the Alliance is to build and sustain... a reflective, skilled, culturally competent, and relationship-based workforce that supports infants, young children and their families. We are thrilled that PA-AIMH is one of 28 IMH associations worldwide committed to the workforce development goals & mission of the Alliance.

The Alliance has recently become social! We hope that you will explore, like & follow the Alliance!

Facebook: Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health
Twitter: @allianceaimh

Additionally, we hope that you will subscribe to the Alliance email list by going to the bottom right-hand corner of the website and selecting "sign up." We plan to send monthly announcements, share welcoming of new associations to the Alliance, & more!

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PA-AIMH presented at today's NAMI KEYSTONE PA's Mental Health and Wellness Conference on "Supporting Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health"


Innovative work regarding ACEs coming out of California. The Whole Child Assessment (WCA) is included at the end of the article in English and Spanish- what do you think?

Over the last dozen years or so, many pediatricians, astounded by the ramifications of the science of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on the children they care for, began integrating this science into their practices. The most common approach has been to ask parents about ACEs using a questionn...|By ACEsTooHigh

Adverse childhood experiences have been linked to mental illness, social and cognitive deficits and even early death however, those effects are minimized when c...hildren are in nurturing, enriching environments. Infants and toddlers have the power to cope with adversity. Learn how you can help them unlock their full potential:

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If mental health workers are able to identify children who have gone through adverse childhood experiences, they may be able to intervene before they are on a downward spiral toward disease and mental illness later in life, says Heather C. Brenhouse, who is researching how trauma and stress impact b...

New research found that high-quality early childhood programs resulted in higher test scores, a lower chance of being held back in a grade and a fewer number of children with special education placements. Those gains lasted up through the fifth grade. Read more about the study:

The positive effects of high-quality early education in North Carolina stayed with kids into fifth grade, according to new research published in Child Development.
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National Center for Children in Poverty added 2 new photos.
May 2

NCCP and Child Trends have authored a new report with recommendations for state policymakers looking to help the millions of young children who’ve been exposed to trauma. For more information, visit

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Sprouts Child Development Initiative
April 29

As we know, all behavior is are some great examples!

When you gaze into your baby's eyes, one fact is clear: a bright little person is looking back at you. Even from your baby's earliest days, you can tell that there's a spark of intelligence and personality behind those big eyes. That said, learning w
The first few years of life constitute a period during which children are highly sensitive to trauma—more so than during any other time of life.

Great resources all in the same spot!!!

TED conferences bring the world’s greatest minds together to share revolutionary progress and exchange creative ideas. Some of the best TED talks have been devoted to ensuring that the next generation embraces the values that TED represents: innovation, creativity, and globalization of information.…

15% of PA children have an ACE score (adverse childhood experience) of at least 2. That's 106,000 children. There are over 140,000 infants born annually in PA. Let's find ways for our communities to engage in promotion, prevention, and intervention strategies to reduce ACE exposures!! We are all in this together, private and public sectors, because it takes a village!!!


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Earlier this month, the Northeast IMH Networking group hosted Nikida Allen (NA Allen) from CYS, Ms. Allen, a caseworker with Children & Youth Services and Safe Start Therapeutic Nursery, provided an overview of children and family services and how the agency works with families to ensure protection and well-being of infant/childhood attachment and development within Lehigh County to support children’s mental health.

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A child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three—producing more than a million neural connections each second! The foundation for ...this rapid development is built through loving interactions with parents and caretakers like you. Learn more about the crucial role you play in building your baby’s brain, get your questions answered, and find fun “brain-building” activities to share with your little one here:

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Every parent has an arsenal of silly songs and rhymes that drive them crazy but bring joy to their little one. And, studies show, these may do more than make baby smile and giggle with glee. It turns out, what happens in your baby's brain when you talk, sing, and read is more beneficial than you mi...