The Praying Mantis Shoots from the Hip
Happy Hour for a Feral Kitty

Maybe not gone as long as T2 (we learned about his 14 year absence yesterday)... but this cat's disappearance (for 5 years!) has the whole history. Talk about karma or whatever you want to call it... this story is almost surreal.

The saying 'Never give up hope', couldn't be applicable than in the case of this missing and beloved kitty. Fourteen years a LONG time! T2 - We are sooo happy you've made it back home.
(P.S. His microchip saved the day!)

More than a decade later, the cat's microchip helped a humane society locate its owner.

Watch this kitty .. It appears to be walking on water as it happily chases these fish!

It's all fun and games until the ice melts

Palm Beach Island Cats wishes you the luck of the Irish and a purrfect St. Patrick's Day!

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The ban on declawing cats is now effective.. .in Nova Scotia. Although approved 3 months ago, there was a waiting period before the ban could be enforced. Nova Scotia is the first province in Canada to adopt this. The practice is already banned in the U.K., Europe, Australia and several cities in CA. Let's hope this declawing ban continues to be adopted by many other localities.

Nova Scotia has officially become the first province in Canada to ban elective cat declawing, following the lead of other parts of the world.

Police dept blows away twitter challenge with plea for officer cat!

The challenge: Get 10,000 Twitter followers before April. Police in Troy, Mich., did it in eight days.

Not only does this cat have a great job... but he is the 11th cat to have this job! Not to mention in a very swanky, stylish and hip place! You go Hamlet... rule on.

Hamlet the orange rescue tabby in the 11th feline to live in the lobby of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City

An amazing kitten rescue from the ruins of a blazing fire! So glad this has a HAPPY ending!

After battling a raging construction site fire for hours Wednesday afternoon, Denver firefighters found a small kitten hiding beneath a burning couch in a nearby apartment.|By CBS Denver

At first glance, this may seem like an odd post for this site... but look closely, especially at #3. Not only is is this a potential hazard for you and others in your home, a dirty pet dish can make your pet sick too! Wash and dry every day and disinfect once a week... Keep fido and fluffy healthy!

Ready to be grossed out? Want to feel ashamed of your cleaning habits? Then, check out the germiest places in your home, and learn how to clean them better.

A good one just because... it is so heartfelt, it's well written and is full of so much love! Stanley we wish a speedy recover and lots of happiness! You are truly loved.

After his mandated one-month confinement to a dog crate had ended, he returned happily to his old routines, which include walks at the end of a purple leash.

Too kitten cute for words! So happy that Pretzel has a furever home and new best friend!

Kimberly was nervous about how Morty was going to react to Pretzel, but the dog gently licked the kitten and soon the two became inseparable.

Rescue cat who was doubtful to survive.. now thrives and has become a video star!

Rescue cat Carlos from Woodbridge is now a video star, after being chosen from thousands to feature alongside TV presenter Gok Wan.

Thanks to some pawsome detective work (across international boundaries) and the 'never give up' catitude of these humans.. Junior is home safe and sound... He also has a new tag!

A cat that was missing in Mexico has been reunited with his owner, thanks to some international pet detective work.

Safe return of family cat... thanks to microchip and good samaritan! Glad you're home safe and sound Henry!

A Locust Grove family is celebrating the safe return of a pet cat, two weeks after the animal disappeared.

Please share this post! Raw kitten food recalled after it is found to have salmonella and a possible link to two kitten deaths.

Blue Ridge Beef, a Georgia-based pet food company, has recalled a portion of its “Kitten Grind” raw pet food after the FDA detected the bacteria salmonella and listeria in it.

Thank you to the Vet that saved this kitty with some tough surgery and to the lovely woman who has adopted Frankie into her loving home! Wishing all of you fun and furever together!

He's called Frankenkitten, or Frankie for short.|By Ellen Scott