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An Oktava MK-219 and an Event Bas 20/20 v2 can really make some sweet feedback! #sounddesign #gameaudio #audioengineering #musicproduction

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New Blue Yeti Pro mic just arrived at our SoundFellas Lab. It sounds great! #audioengineering #sounddesign #gameaudio #musicproduction

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JetBrains released a cool report about The State of Developer Ecosystem 2017 #programming #gamedevelopment #games

Over 5,200 developers share their insights on modern technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and tools of choice for software development.

Programming is learned by writing programs.
- Brian Kernighan

#programming #gamedevelopment #gamedev #education #quotes

We’re excited to announce that Unity 2017.1 has been released and is now available for download. We want to thank the Unity community for their valuable co...

Craftsmen must understand their tools, not just consider them "magical".
- Bjarne Stroustrup

It makes perfect sense for me to like C#, as Anders Hejlsberg is also the original author of Turbo Pascal.

.NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library named Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across sev...

Panagiotis Kouvelis "The Future Of Sound Design" lecture. Watch full video now (GR language).…

#sounddesign #gameaudio #audioproduction #design

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Hey internets!

I'm happy to announce that I will be giving an open lecture at the SAE Creative Media Education campus at Athens.

The topic is "The Future of Sound Design", in which I will try to explore what the future holds for the art and the science of sound design.


My general view is that now we are seeing a transition of audio engineers getting into the designer's mindset, shifting their production workflows and methodologies and transcending the boundaries of the discipline, combining it with user experience design, business modelling and philosophy, in order to create what we will know as the Sound Architect.

Some topics of the discussion include:

A Definition of Sound Design Through the Ages
Engineer’s Mindset Vs Designer’s Mindset
User Experience Design and Psychoacoustics Research
Psychometric Methods of Research Used in Audio
Pervasive Media, Digital to Physical, IoT and Beyond
360 Content, VR, AR and how they affect audio
Tools & Technologies for the Architects of Sound
Contemporary Production Methodologies

This open lecture is given as a sneak peek for my upcoming Sound Design Certificate course, hosted at the SAE Creative Media Education campus, this November. You can learn more here: Or by directly contacting with the campus.

Learn more about the event here:

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Thu 6:00 PM UTC+03SAE Technology Group AthensAthens, Greece
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I'm very happy to announce that I will participate as a lecturer on the Innovathens GiG Create summer boot-camp of Game Production.

I will give one lecture about Game Production representing the SAE Creative Media Education institute, this will be presented at their excellent campus at Moschato. And I will also host 2 super-fun workshops on how to do Sound Design for Games representing my own company's immersive sound division called SoundFellas, those will be held on the Inn...ovathens building at Technopolis/Gazi.

To learn more and register, you can find all information at the official event's page at:…/get-into-games-gig-%E2%86%92-…/

I'm also super-pumped regarding the superior team of lecturers that Innovathens gathered, really happy to meet and work with all of them!

I really can't wait to get to know new students and have fun, while discovering the awesome world of game production!

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June 16
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The new version of the MeldaProduction audio plugins is amazingly beautiful and full of features! We are so lucky to live in this era full of great tools! This is not a sponsored post or anything commercial really, it's just good karma to give the spotlight to great companies that work night and day to provide us creators with unique and awesome tools.

Panagiotis Kouvelis was feeling strong.
May 22

Σύμφωνα με τον ορισμό, "Έργο" είναι το ωφέλιμο αποτέλεσμα μιας ενέργειας.

Αν λοιπόν το αποτέλεσμα δεν είναι ωφέλιμο, δεν το καλούμε "έργο".

Μια άλλη ενδιαφέρουσα λέξη είναι η λέξη "εργασία". Που το πάω;


Μήπως τελικά κάποιοι φοβούμενοι τόσο μη χάσουν την εργασία τους, γίναν τόσο άβουλοι που απλά κάνουν ότι τους πουν, και πλέον δεν παράγουν τίποτα ωφέλιμο;

Άρα είναι ήδη "Άνεργοι" και δεν το έχουν συνειδητοποιήσει.

Μήπως απλά δουλεύουν; Μήπως απλά πάνε στη δουλειά;

Άρα μπορεί να έχεις δουλειά άλλα να είσαι άνεργος. Δεν παράγεις κάτι ωφέλιμο. Και απορείς γιατί όλα πάνε κατά διαόλου.

"Δουλειά", "Δούλος", άλλες ενδιαφέρουσες λέξεις.

Αν δεν σου αρέσει η δουλειά σου, βρες μια εργασία λοιπόν. Και σταμάτα να φοβάσε τόσο. Πότε θα ζήσεις εσύ;

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