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If you have found this page before the group, consider joining the group as well. Enjoy your panopainting.

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PanoPainter updated their cover photo.
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PanoPainter on iPad just got real. Apple Pencil is great and the whole experience is so smooth. Soon in the Apple Store!

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🤔 Ever wondered how to create a 360 animation?
Here's how, using to the new animation system!

First look at the iOS version which is now officially supported. Apple Pen will be supported in the iPad Pro version.

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Introducing a new set of tools to help get the right 360 perspective and in a very straightforward way. Using the new Normal tool you can easily create perspective lines aligned to the axis of the selected working plane.

The new grid helper makes perspective way easier to deal with when painting a 360 panoramic Info:

Update video of the current development state of the new PanoPainter. In this video we will see the Android version in action on a Samsung Note 4 using its stylus ✍️ and the touchscreen for some basic gestures 👆

PanoPainter demonstration on Android Note 4. Follow on:

Mac user? No worries, it will be available on Mac OSX too.

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First contact with Android. Feels incredibly smooth, especially with the Samsung Stylus.

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The new brush settings panel
Coming soon: color dynamics and pen pressure control.
Leave a comment if you have more ideas for #panopainter

More work on the UI which is coming along nicely. Testing some new exciting features like mirror and array mode.

Release 117 is ready with some bugs fixed and new features.
- Added pen pressure control
- Added layers opacity and visibility
- Fixed the pano import and edit
- Fixed the exported faces order

Undo feature is here! However there's no Redo feature yet.
Some fixes for saving and exporting faces.

Shaders hot fix!
Apparently nvidia gpus are more tollerant to errors than ati ones.
This version keeps a strict GLSL 1.20 compliance.

New release with lots of new features:
- multiple layers
- alpha support
- grid transparency
- brush outliner for better visibility...
- improved brushes
- eraser brush
- cube faces export to single images

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Quick fix for some GPUs.
Some drivers may complain about an implicit float->vec4 conversion in text shader.

Feature release: now you can open downloaded Facebook images directly in PanoPainter. You can then edit or just save it to convert it to an equirectangular panoramic with EXIF included.

And today we have a nice working color and brushes picker.
Not sure if it's too big, smaller better? #screenshotsaturday

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