Thank You Thursday Video. Watch for details, good luck!
Here's a raw one take video for all our facebook friends. A few quick shoutouts, and a great deal you don't want to miss out on.
Thank you thursday update, 10% off code, and silly one take ramblings from yours truly 󾍇

We have thousands of feet of paracord and tons of assorted plsyic hardware. If anyone wants something, feel free to PM us letting it go for cheap.

We know all too well how awful it is to have dishonest Chinese manufacturing practices negatively affect our business. Some people, are incredibly unfortunate to have made an amazing product, just to have a cheap clone made by these worthless theives and sold at a fraction of the cost.

To those of you who know Malcolm Coderre you know he's a great guy with a name he built from scratch. The Hidden Woodsman is a brand name that speak quality. We highly suggest you pay the extra coin, and get the real thing.

Luckily for me, I no longer sell anything so I can cut the shit and say it like it is. If you buy garbage like this, from shady ass Chinese knock off artists, then you're a bigger piece of crap than they are.

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Alright guys, been in the shop most of the day, wanted to do this earlier.
The hidden woodsmen has been a pillar for years and is getting hosed by a Chinese co...mpany and a "throw away" society. Show some support
Repost it with the tag #istandwithmalcolm

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We are almost to 70,000 views on this tutorial video.
All 100% organic reach, this inspires me to want to do more.

What product that we used to sell would you all like to know how to make? Bedroll Straps? Canteen Cover? You tell us what the next video should be! In this video I walk you through my process for making a belt from 550 parachute cord. Weave used is the Double or Wide Cobra Weave Items...

We want to thank you all for everything you've done. We have officially shut down our website and I am looking forward to what the next chapter in my life has in store.

Our social media pages will still be active, but dedicated to sharing resources and youtube videos ect.

Happy New Year to all of you, and may God Bless you in all that you wish to accomplish.


Sincerely, Antone Andrade : The Paracord Guy

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Going out of Business

Most products are now all on sale. While supplies last.

A friend of Rob's is a friend of ours. Pick some stuff up from this dude and it will help him get some great experience and exposure

Friends... I need your help.
I'm planning a trip to Ohio to be a vendor at this year's Pathfinder gathering event July 8th. This will be a week long over 1,000... mile round trip. I'll be bringing my daughter with me to help out and so she can take(free) wilderness skills classes from some of the best instructors in the country. We desperately need funds for this to happen. Please consider buying something from our website, every bit helps... Thank you for your support. God bless...

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Here's our big announcement.

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We promised you guys a big announcement in June, we plan on posting a video here in a little while. Stay tuned.

All gave some, but today we honor the ones who gave all.

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Our friend Jason Hunt using paracord to plug a flat. That's a first for us, how cool.

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We have a big announcement coming in June.

LRB knows how to split some wood.

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Lester River Bushcraft

Reverse grip contact splitting with the Beohawk @wengerdave @lesterriverbushcraft #customknives #survival #customknives #instagramthatshit #bushcraftknife #bushcrafting

Yep, trying this....

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Rated Red

Making a tennis ball bola trap with Man Hacks