Introducing 100% Lateral Root Borogu Kava. Imported Whole and Milled in the U.S.A for better quality control.

The lateral roots of any Noble variety of Kava are the singular most potent and sought after part of the Kava plant because they contain more kavalactones than the rest of the root and stump system. If you desire to experience potency and smoothness, Straight Borogu* Laterals Kava Powder will deligh…

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Hawaiian Kava Extract and fresh Kava powder direct from Hawaii. Free shipping on most products. Offering fresh frozen Hawaiian kava at discount prices.

Paradise Kava Sale on this June. Till stock lasts -

Hawaiian Kava Extract and fresh Kava powder direct from Hawaii. Free shipping on most products. Offering fresh frozen Hawaiian kava at discount prices.

6th Gen. Kava Extracts now on Year End Sale -

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Kavasseur's latest review of Paradise Kava's New Instant Kava. Mahalo for the appreciation. Quick note: He says it's Borogu, but it's actually mostly Boroguru. Try it here -

A review of Paradise Kava's latest and greatest instant kava.

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Enjoy the kava in good health!

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Paradise Kava presents it's 4 New Kava Jewels; sourced within the best Kavas of Oceania. Please see the Left Navigation Bar on for details.

Current Kava Stock is the best we've seen and is also verified as being pure and safe.

Paradise Kava reports it's Kava Products to Third party independent labs for Purity Tests. The added step ensures you get safe and clean Kava.


Enjoy the Kava in good health,

the folks at Paradise Kava

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The long wait is almost over dear Kava lovers. Website reopening in a few. Mahalo nui loa! for your patience, emails and phonecalls. We totally appreciate the aloha

The photo progress of Master Luthier Crist Pung building the ultimate Kava themed ukulele for us. A long process, taking anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, it's nothing at all to wait for such elegance and perfection.

Mahalo for the James A. "Your kava is the first that I have ever tried. HOLY COW this stuff is awesome! I have suffered from neck and head pain for 2 years from a motorcycle accident. After drinking my first batch of your kava, I felt the muscles in my neck and head relax. My head pain was gone. It was such a relief that I couldn't help but giggle with delight over what this simple root has given me. Thank you so much! I am now a kava drinker for life!"

Mahalo " Hello,
I'm thinking about buying two 60 gram jars of your chocolate orange extract. I first started drinking kava this winter, and I loved it's calming and truly wholesome effects, but it was a killer on my stomach, for whatever reason. Even though I don't mind the taste too much, as soon as it hits my stomach it comes right back up. So I've decided to try extracts as an alternative that is a little more manageable. I've heard many good things about your extract a...nd I'm very excited to try it, but a hundred dollars is a lot to spend for a college kids with loans, and I read on a forum that if I sent y'all an email and said something nice, I might get a coupon. So, without any kind of flattery I can honestly say that you seem to be the best kava store on the web. Your customer support is A-1, and you actually go out and find customers who have problems on forums. The kava I bought from you was some of the best I've ever experienced, and most importantly, you seem to really care and want to help your customers, not just make money off of them. I hope this brightens up your day, coupon be damned, and keep helping people lead better lives with kava!"
-C. Daley"

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Our American Kava Association's very own Dr. Schmidt just shook the kava world up! Good work Mathias!

“Dear all,Finally some good news: The German administrative court has today issuedits ruling that the ban of kava-containing products in Germany wasunlawful and inappropriate.On almost 40 pages the court states, thatMere doubts related to the efficacy of a medicinal product do notjustify the withdra…

About that time for Kava.

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Our new line of Premium Vanuatu Blend No. 7 Kava get's reviewed by the Kavasseur. Did he like it? Find out here

ParadiseKava added 15 new photos to the album: Birthday Party at the Kava Bar!
March 12, 2014

Make a bowl of Kava tonight and enjoy this amazing documentary called, Kava - The drink of the gods

Wonderfull movie about kava kava. The only one I know of.... !! From 1998. I hope there are know issues of copyright. But shoulf be OK. If not please Mail me...

Hot Press Release from 2014 - Kava may help prevent Cancer!

Researchers at the University of Minnesota (UM) and Texas Tech University have been studying the effects of a special preparation of the root kava (Piper methysticum) on lung cancer in mice, concluding that the chemically-defined extract may reduce the risk of lung cancer in humans, according to a p...