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Patti Anders reviewed Paradise Total Spa & Nails4 star

Very nice place. Staff was helpful and friendly. Clean and big. No up-sell- which is very much appreciated. Only negative: the frequent banging and loud noises from the upstairs gym. Dropping barbells and weights were very disturbing to the zen atmosphere .

I loved my experience at Paradise Total spa and nails in Randolph. I have never been to the one in Morris Plains. I want to know if Sunny still works at Paradise? She is amazing! Great facials!

Always pleases with the service. The staff is friendly and the establishment is well presented.

Abrielle J. Vintigan reviewed Paradise Total Spa & Nails4 star

I've been going to Paradise for several years now. I know there are complaints (some substantiated by people I know) but personally I really never had a problem. I have gone to many other salons and surrounding areas, yet I keep coming back to Paradise Nails. Yes, once in a while my pedicure is rushed when it's busy - but that's understandable. I never make an appointment yet I never wait too long to be seated. All the staff is always very polite and helpful. My gel manicures... and pedicures last easily three weeks. The mani and pedi area is cleaner than many places I have been to in this area. When I am in a rush, they always accommodate me and get me out as quickly as possible. I don't expect Paradise Nails to be like DiPasquale Spa. If you're looking for a higher end spa experience, by all means go to DiPasquale. If you're looking to get your nails done (or maybe a few other services ) in a quick and efficient manner, then Paradise Nails is the place.

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Shawnee Fucito reviewed Paradise Total Spa & Nails2 star

I come to paradise every two weeks for a gel mani. Once a month I bring my three girls as well. I rarely have a problem. I usually see Yuri or Diana. Last Friday I came and neither one was available so I saw somebody else. She was sweet but within 3 days one nail had chipped and by 4 days 4 nails chipped. I called paradise and explained this and was told they thought ot was the brand of polish I used and to come in they would "redo" them. I told them due to work I couldn't co...me til Saturday. They told me no problem they would put a note at the desk. I'm here now I showed them my chipped nails and the two that were now lifting. I was told I had to pick the same color. I explained that it was then who told me it was probably the polish and asked why I would put the same one on. They treated me as if I were some person just looking for a freebie! The lady told me she was going to speak to her manager and came back and told me they would only charge me $20.00! Seriously? You messed them up you should have apologized and said go pick the polish we will be happy to redo them. I come EVERY two weeks. Yes occasionally a nail chips here or there and I say nothing it's life. This was extreme though and i'm disappointed in how you would treat treat a repeat customer. Julia redid my nails today and she was phenomenal so for her I give her a five star however for the way management treated a legitimate concern they get a one star.

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I was very disappointed with my experience here today. I have been here before and loved it. But what happened today has turned me off to this salon.
We had to wait since we had no appointment. That's fine; I completely understand that. Then, we get seated at chairs and have to wait 20 minutes (as the water is cooling under our feet) to get a technician. Next, my feet weren't scrubbed at all so I left with the same calluses I went in with. Last time I was there they soaked m...y heels in oil. When I asked for that today, she didn't understand me. I have polish on my skin, which I could have done myself. I was also supposed to receive 15% off of my service. I actually only received 12%. When I questioned it, I was told, "we round down." Then don't tell me it's 15% off since it wasn't.
When I spoke with the owner/manager, she really didn't seem to care at all. I was told "we are very busy today." So how does being busy equal crappy service? What a huge disappointment! I'm sure this will be removed from this page, but I will copy and paste so others can see it elsewhere.
If I could give this zero stars, I would.

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Stephanie Riddell reviewed Paradise Total Spa & Nails3 star

Giving 3 stars because I feel they have room to grow. My friend & I meet up once a month for a girls day - pedis & lunch. I drive here from Bridgewater. My first time I was amazed! LOVE the smell of honey & lemon and who doesn't love a long massage on their feet & legs! Best pedi I have ever gotten. We continue to go back, but however yesterday {I know busy!!} I felt like the girl couldn't wait to get to the next person. I don't like to feel rushed. I know you need to... accommodate everyone, but continue to make each person feel like a customer & not a number. Be sure each gets time with their hot stone and lotion. Some days we didn't even get the oil on our heels in the baggie. Some techs seem to skip steps. The reason we come back is because no place gives a pedi like this so continue to do what customers enjoy & remember.

We got gel manicures. My second time getting here. I find my color isn't hitting every part of my nail. I thought the same in December when I got my first gel manicure here. I thought eh, I am being picky {for price it costs, I can be picky}. But, in between I went to salon near me and got a gel manicure and I found the coverage better. The lady took her time at another salon and did it correct where I live & it cost less.

So overall I enjoy the pedicure, but as for manicure you can find better elsewhere in terms of taking their time, careful & accurate for coverage in gel manicure, & lower price elsewhere.

I find that when so busy, everyone in the business seems to be in a panic when this is to be a place of relaxation & enjoyment for customers. Not a number, get them in, get them out fast as you can. Errors happen, steps get skipped this way and you end up with unhappy customers who no longer stay as clients.

Keep up with your good work and techs, allow your customers to enjoy their experience.

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I went to Paradise for the first time this week. I had heard wonderful things. I asked for the most expensive pedicure. It was $70. My pedicure started and as soon as Ashley started to file my nails, she started digging at my big toe. She said that I had an ingrown toenail. I told her I did not. She kept digging anyway. I asked her to stop. She was cutting away from the side of my toe nail. Now, I have the worst ingrown toenail I've ever had. I can't even stand and will probably have to see a Dr. I am a zumba instructor and a bartender and have had to cancel classes and call out of work because of the horrible pain and swelling in my foot. So, now, I'm out the $70 for my pedi, the $15 for Ashley's tip and hundreds of dollars from my missed work shift. I am so angry. Obviously, I will not return.

Paradise nails is where I go because I know I will get consistent quality service..it's not hit or miss like some salons.there is never a long wait even though the spa is never empty.my daughter is picky but is always happy with a gel manicure from Jane! Try the place out -free coffee too 🙂

Robert J Yu reviewed Paradise Total Spa & Nails5 star

Best massage ever! Coolest spa! Clean brand new state of the art facility!